Poland limits air traffic on border with Russia

Poland will limit air traffic for civil aircraft in the northeast and east of the country, near the borders with Russia and Belarus, from September 1 to 30, as stated by the Press Secretary of the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces, Piotr Walatek.

"The restrictions should create conditions for the safe conduct of flights in this region by state aviation," Walatek said.

He also noted that the other reasons for limiting flights are classified. The area of ​​flight restriction is thirty kilometers from the border into the interior of the country, up to a height of two thousand meters.

Walatek clarified that the ban would not apply to passenger aircraft and rescue aircraft. In general, the ban concerns small sports and private aircraft.

The Russian Zapad-2017 military exercises are scheduled for September in Belarus. US allies in Eastern Europe and Ukraine fear that the exercises may be a "Trojan horse" through which Russia plans to leave military equipment in Belarus.

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