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  • US can provide Ukraine with $300 million

    Biden stressed that Ukrainian leaders implement the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and work with the international community "to continue economic progress in Ukraine.”

    The United States can give Ukraine $300 million for the security development. This was stated by US Vice-President, Joseph Biden, in Kiev.

    According to Biden, the U.S. Congress is working to pass such law. "It hasn`t been passed, but I hope that soon, it will be adopted,” he said during the joint …

  • Ukraine will prepare a trade blockade of uncontrolled territories

    On Dec. 9 the Ukranian Cabinet of Ministers will consider the draft resolution on a trade blockade of  Crimea and uncontrolled territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic - DND and Lugansk People's Republic - LNR). The Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Refat Chubarov, stated this during the briefing, according to a correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

    "The Cabinet of Ministers has prepared and agreed with all parties on the draft …

  • Vega rocket with Ukrainian engine successfully launched

    A Vega rocket powered by a Ukrainian made engine successfully launched from the European spaceport at Kourou, French Guiana on Thursday morning.The European Space Agency’s LISA Pathfinder mission launched atop a Vega rocket begins a year-long mission to demonstrate technologies that could be used for future missions to observe gravity waves.Ukrainian RD-869 engine was originally developed for the post-boost stage of the R-36M2 missile. 

    LISA Pathfinder was the sixth launch for the four-stage …

  • NASA top official visits Ukraine

    William H. Gerstenmaier, the Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations Directorate at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Headquarters  will pay an official visit to Ukraine today.

  • US Government is planning to provide another $1 billion to Ukraine

    According to Jacob Lew, the Secretary of the Treasury of the US, the Department of Treasury is considering the possibility of financial support amounting to $1 billion to Ukraine – reported Interfax-Ukraine.

    “We are working on the provision of the third billion of credit guarantees within the next months. “It’s extremely important for Ukraine to follow up with the reforms in the tax and energy areas and to strengthen the anti-corruption measures” – stated Jacob Lew after the meeting with the …

  • $1 Billion Gas Financing for Ukraine

     A $1 billion financing package is being prepared by the World Bank and other international financial institutions to help Ukraine and its Naftogaz to fill up its natural gas-storage facilities and avoid shortages over the winter.

    Many European states still remember 2009 gas shortages due to cutoffs from Russia. Current gas talks between Ukraine and Russia, mediated by EU have been complicated by the war in the east of Ukraine that was unleashed Russia.

    European officials still hope that …

  • Canada's Bombardier looking to build locomotives in Ukraine

    Talks are held between Canada's Bombardier and The Infrastructure Ministry of Ukraine on the opportunity of placing locomotive production facilities in Ukraine, according to Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Andriy Pyvovarsky.

    "Now we're communicating with Bombardier on its arrival to Ukraine to produce traction units," he told reporters on Tuesday.

    He said that foreign investors will definitely arrive if reforms in Ukrzaliznytsia are conducted.

    "They are ready to come with the railway …

  • To win the war. Two things that will make Ukraine successful.

    To win the war. Two things that will make Ukraine successful.

    by Radoslav Sikorsky of Poland.

    Shock therapy in Ukraine will be much more painful because of the war.In Poland, reforms were carried out very quickly. Parliament adopted 30 of the first laws that created a new economic system in the country. This process was named "shock therapy". As a result of rapid reforms in extreme political conditions, Poland made a leap forward.

    Ukraine is in a different situation, because there were no …