To win the war. Two things that will make Ukraine successful.

To win the war. Two things that will make Ukraine successful.

by Radoslav Sikorsky of Poland.

Shock therapy in Ukraine will be much more painful because of the war.
In Poland, reforms were carried out very quickly. Parliament adopted 30 of the first laws that created a new economic system in the country. This process was named "shock therapy". As a result of rapid reforms in extreme political conditions, Poland made a leap forward.

Ukraine is in a different situation, because there were no reforms before the Orange Revolution, and now you are in a state of war. Therefore, it's so much more complicated. I have the impression that the Yatseniuk's government did more than all previous Ukrainian governments. In spite of the situation, they made a difficult decision on energy tariffs. Consumers have to pay more and can not be satisfied, but this is the only way to make Ukraine less dependent on Russian gas, and to find additional resources to finance other needs of the country.

Another issue of vital importance for Ukraine - the fight against corruption. For Poland, it was important to show the Polish people that politicians work for people and not for their own enrichment. Politicians in Poland are under constant surveillance. For instance, they checked to see how much fuel I expensed when I worked at the parliament. Even the president's hotel expenses were monitored. That is how it should be. People must have confidence in politicians.
But, also the fight against corruption is very important for the economy. Investors - both foreign and Ukrainian - will not return to Ukraine until they feel that they can achieve success here and not have to pay a bribe. If you want to attract investments, you have to win the war against corruption.

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