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  • Russia prepares to test nuclear-powered cruise missile

    Russia is preparing to begin flight tests on prototypes of the enhanced Burevestnik (“Thunderbird”) cruise missiles. The missiles are powered by a nuclear engine, and have virtually “unlimited” range.The tests were announced on Thursday by the Russian Defense Ministry.

    “Based on the refined specifications, we are improving the construction of the missile components,carrying out ground tests on them, and preparing for flight tests on missile prototypes,” the department stated.“At the same time, …

  • Kremlin: Russia has created cruise missile carrier groups in all strategic directions

    Russia has already established carrier groups for long-range air, sea, and land-based cruise missiles in all strategic directions, as announced by Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia and first Deputy Defense Minister, during a press conference at the Military Academy of the General Staff, writes RIA Novosti news agency.

    All these facilities, as the head of the department specified, are "capable of fulfilling containment tasks in strategically important …

  • Commander of US strategic forces: Russia increasing number of 'banned' cruise missiles

    General John Hyten, Commander of the US nuclear forces and the US Strategic Command said that Russia has increased its deployment of cruise missiles that violate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty), Radio Liberty reports.

    During Senate Armed Services Committee hearings, Republican Senator Deb Fischer asked whether Russia is increasing production and deployment of cruise missiles. Hyten answered in the affirmative.

    It was reported in September that there were discussions …

  • Putin announces testing of new missile with nuclear engine

    Russia is testing a new cruise missile with nuclear propulsion, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in an address in front of the Federal Assembly.

    He showed a video of the missile being tested. According to Putin, the new missile has an unlimited range and an unpredictable flight trajectory.

    “No one else has such a weapon,” Putin observed. And when it appears “our boys will think up something new”, he added.

    The new missile has not yet been assigned a name. Putin encouraged people to …

  • The US expresses concern about the new Russian cruise missiles

    The commander of the United States Northern Command And North American Aerospace Defense Command, General Lori Robinson spoke to the United States Senate Armed Services Committee about her "concern" over the potential of the newly developed Russian cruise missiles. The text and video of her speech are published on the website of the Committee.

    Speaking about possible events that may affect the mission of US defense, the general noted that Russia and China "have expanded their military presence. …

  • Russia fires cruise missile in Crimea

    During a Russian military drill in annexed Crimean territory, a cruise missile was fired from an Utyos coastline stationary missile system, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.

    The missile was fired as part of a routine tactical exercise for a group of mixed strike forces from the Black Sea Fleet.

    “During the anti-ship missile’s final stage of flight, a Su-30SM multipurpose fighter from the naval aircraft fleet intercepted the airborne target and destroyed it using an aerial guided …

  • Russia to transfer another submarine with cruise missiles to Black Sea Fleet

    The project 636.3 diesel-electric submarine “Krasnodar” will be transferred from the Baltic to the Black Sea Fleet, where it is expected to arrive in June. This was announced by Vyacheslav Trukhachev, spokesperson for the Black Sea Fleet.

    “The submarine Krasnodar, built for the Black Sea Fleet, is currently moving from the Baltic to the Black Sea Fleet. It is being accompanied by the tug boat Viktor Konetsky of the Baltic Fleet. Its arrival at the place where it will be stationed is …