Kremlin: Russia has created cruise missile carrier groups in all strategic directions

Russia has already established carrier groups for long-range air, sea, and land-based cruise missiles in all strategic directions, as announced by Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia and first Deputy Defense Minister, during a press conference at the Military Academy of the General Staff, writes RIA Novosti news agency.

All these facilities, as the head of the department specified, are "capable of fulfilling containment tasks in strategically important regions." Attention is being paid to the development of precision weapons, Gerasimov noted, "in order to make [arms] more effective."

According to the General, Russian specialists were able to "improve the system of comprehensive enemy defeat” after acquiring "the experience of the latest local wars, and in particular operations on the territory of Syria."

On March 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about new Russian weapons during his annual address to Russia’s Federal Assembly. During the address, the President demonstrated the launch of the Sarmat strategic missile, as well as the launch of nuclear-powered cruise missiles.

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