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  • Russia transfers new weapons to Syria ‘because of US activity’

    The Russian Defense Ministry has transferred anti-air systems to the Khmeimim airbase, the newspaper Kommersant writes, citing a source. According to Kommersant, after the US-led coalition’s previous strike, a Tor-M2 missile system battery has been deployed at the Russian airbase, in addition to the previously deployed anti-air defense systems.

    In addition, the flotilla of Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea has also been enlarged. On August 25, the frigates Admiral Grigorovich and …

  • Pentagon asserts its unquestionable strength to deter Russia’s hypersonic weapons

    The USA’s ability to counter Russia’s hypersonic weapons is unquestionable despite the claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin made while presenting new Russia’s hypersonic weapons in March, stated John Hyten, Commander of United States Strategic Command during a Space & Missile Defense Symposium in Huntsville, CNBC reports.

    “Guess what? He [Vladimir Putin] still can't find our submarines, he still can't take out 400 missile fields across the country, he still can't do anything about …

  • Senate votes to allow US partners to purchase weapons from Russia

    The US Senate has passed legislative changes that will allow the President waive sanctions on countries that are attempting to establish closer relations with Washington, but are also involved in weapons deals with Russia.

    The decision passed with 87 Senators voting in favor and 10 voting against, writes RFE/RL.

    This decision had already been passed by the US House of Representatives, and now awaits President Trump’s final approval.

    Earlier, US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis appealed to …

  • Kremlin claims Russia has become the world leader in the number of tanks

    Russia topped the world ranking in terms of the number of modern armored and motor vehicles used for troops, as well as rocket and artillery weapons, reported RIA Novosti news agency citing the deputy minister of defense Dmitry Bulgakov.

    "Over the past five years, our country during the rearmament of the troops has put into operation more than 25 thousand units of new armored and motor vehicles. Four thousand modern missile and artillery weapons have also been added," Bulgakov stated. …

  • USA: Russia uses humanitarian convoys to bring military materials to Donbas

    Russia is only creating the appearance of assisting the local population in the territories of the Donbas; in truth, the “humanitarian convoys” simply mask the transportation of materials for military purposes, stated the Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the US Mission to the OSCE, Harry Kamian, in an address to the OSCE leadership.

    Kamian said that the OSCE Monitoring Mission recorded the arrival of the 75th Russian white-truck convoy into Ukrainian territory on May 24.

     “OSCE Monitors at the …

  • Russia responds to media reports about failures of missile tests

    Information regarding the failed tests of Russian nuclear cruise missiles, which was disseminated earlier by American media, may not reflect the real situation, as stated by the member of the expert council of the Military and Industrial Commission, Viktor Murakhovsky. According to him, the US could have taken the “missile drop tests,” during which the main engine stops working, for a malfunction.

    “They have no idea about the testing program or the testing phases,” Murakhovsky said. “Those …

  • Ukrainian intelligence: Russia delivers Grad missiles and ammunition to Donbas by rail

    The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported on Saturday, May 19 that Russia supplied ammunition to the Donbas, including artillery and rockets, by rail.

    “Comprehensive supply for the occupying troops from Russia on the occupied territory [of Ukraine] continues. Ammunition for units and formations of the so-called Army Corps 1 (Donetsk) and 2 (Luhansk) is being replenished, [and] stocks of ammunition are being created at warehouses," the report said. …

  • Russia will show 'Putin’s missile' at Victory Day parade

    During the Victory Day parade in Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry will showcase the latest hypersonic Kinzhal missile system, which Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted about when speaking to the Federal Assembly.

    “Aside from the modern Su-57, Su-Z0SM and MiG-29SMT aircraft, the upgraded MiG-31K, equipped with the latest hypersonic Kinzhal missile system, will take part in the ceremonies during the holiday,” said Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Sergey …

  • Russia to replace Grad and Smerch MLRS with new generation systems

    Russia has stopped serial production of the Grad and Smerch Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS), as they are to be replaced by a new generation of MLRS, as announced by Vladimir Lepin, CEO of Techmash (part of Rostec), Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

    According to him, the Grad system first appeared in 1963. It has been an extremely successful project, which has been improved several times, and today “it would completely satisfy the requirements of the time”.

    “Not only the Grad, but also the …

  • Russian TV channel shows footage of new 'combat laser' mounted in a sewer pipe

    Russian state TV channel Russia 24 showed footage of a new type of Russian military lasers. Later, the Defense Blog portal pointed out that the system that was shown in the footage was equipped with a sewer pipe and chimney pipes.  

    It is unknown why such pipes were used in the construction of the laser. The Defense Blog suggests that this was done to protect the sensitive elements of the new system.

    The Russia 24 channel showed the lasers that allegedly passed state tests and were put into …