Russian TV channel shows footage of new 'combat laser' mounted in a sewer pipe

Russian state TV channel Russia 24 showed footage of a new type of Russian military lasers. Later, the Defense Blog portal pointed out that the system that was shown in the footage was equipped with a sewer pipe and chimney pipes.  

It is unknown why such pipes were used in the construction of the laser. The Defense Blog suggests that this was done to protect the sensitive elements of the new system.

The Russia 24 channel showed the lasers that allegedly passed state tests and were put into service as part of the armament of the Russian army. The short film entitled "The laser will protect Russians from enemies and diseases" was published on March 11. A few days before that, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the development of a combat laser system in Russia.

Afterwards, in a message to the Federal Assembly, Putin talked about new Russian nuclear weapons. However, Putin's remarks were illustrated by an 11-year-old, computer-generated video that showed a nuclear missile hitting the city of St. Petersburg, Florida.

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