Russia responds to media reports about failures of missile tests

Information regarding the failed tests of Russian nuclear cruise missiles, which was disseminated earlier by American media, may not reflect the real situation, as stated by the member of the expert council of the Military and Industrial Commission, Viktor Murakhovsky. According to him, the US could have taken the “missile drop tests,” during which the main engine stops working, for a malfunction.

“They have no idea about the testing program or the testing phases,” Murakhovsky said. “Those were most likely missile drop tests.”

According to Murakhovsky, the National Reconnaissance Office of the U.S. leaked satellite images to American journalists.

Earlier, The Press Secretary for Russian President Putin, Dmitry Peskiv, stated that in such matters, it is necessary to “only listen to the President of the Russian Federation.”

On March 30, Russia released a video of the launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat.”

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