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  • US to accept 100,000 refugees from Ukraine

    The United State will accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, the New York Times reported. Washington will also donate $1 billion to help European countries manage Ukrainian refugees in their countries.

    One month after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, more than 3.6 million Ukrainians have left their country. The latest data from the UN’s refugee agency show nearly 2.2 million have arrived in Poland, more than 560,000 have sought sanctuary in Romania, more than 330,000 have been admitted to …

  • US State Department formally accuses Russia of war crimes in Ukraine

    US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken released a statement on Wednesday formally accusing Russia of committing war crimes during the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

    “We’ve seen numerous credible reports of indiscriminate attacks and attacks deliberately targeting civilians, as well as other atrocities.  Russia’s forces have destroyed apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, critical infrastructure, civilian vehicles, shopping centers, and ambulances, leaving thousands of innocent civilians …

  • Belarus expels 12 Ukrainian diplomats

    Belarus has expelled 12 Ukrainian diplomats, leaving the Ukrainian embassy in Minsk with only the ambassador, Igor Kizim, and four additional employees, Ukrainskaya Pravda reported. The Ukrainian Consulate in Brest is to close its doors.

    In a statement, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry explained, "For a number of years, numerous unfriendly actions aimed at the irresponsible destruction of interstate relations with Belarus have been recorded. It has come to the point where the Ukrainian …

  • Lavrov: Peacekeepers in Ukraine would lead to direct clash between Russia and NATO

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov responded to Poland’s call for the presence of peacekeepers in Ukraine by stating that such a move would lead to a direct clash between Russian and NATO troops, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported.

    Speaking to students at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, of which Lavrov is an alumnus, the Russian Foreign Minister explained, "Our Polish colleagues have already stated that now there will be a NATO summit, it is necessary to send peacekeepers [ …

  • UN Secretary General calls for an end to Russia’s ‘absurd war’

    UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called for an end to the “absurd war” Russia has launched against Ukraine, Radio Free Europe reported.

    "One month ago, the Russian Federation launched a massive invasion of the sovereign territory of Ukraine in violation of the UN Charter,” Guterres remarked. “It was done after months of building up a military force of overwhelming proportion along the Ukrainian border… This war is unwinnable. Sooner or later, it will have to move from the battlefield …

  • Ukrainian intelligence: Belarusian troops preparing to enter Ukraine at any moment

    Belarusian troops may enter the territory of Ukraine very soon, believe the U.S. and NATO intelligence services as well as Ukrainian intelligence. As a source in the Belarusian opposition told CNN, the Belarusian combat units are ready to enter the territory of Ukraine in the next 1-2 days. According to a senior NATO representative, the Belarusian authorities "are preparing the pretext for justifying an attack on Ukraine."

    The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) also said that there are signs …

  • Russian tank crewman surrenders with his tank to Ukrainian Armed Forces for $10,000 reward

    A Russian tank crewman surrendered with his tank to the Ukrainian Forces, said the adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Viktor Andrusiv.

    "There is news that shows the final collapse of the Russian army," Andrusiv said.

    According to him, a few weeks ago, the Ukrainian National Police identified phone numbers used by Russians in Ukraine. These are Ukrainian numbers, to which the Ministry of Internal Affairs regularly sends messages with instructions on how to surrender and hand over the …

  • Kyiv: 13 countries call for urgent modernization of Ukraine’s air defense

    13 countries have signed a joint statement today stressing the urgent need to modernize Ukraine’s air defense, said the Chairman of the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, Ruslan Stefanchuk.

    "Today, our friends, parliamentarians of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, the United States signed a joint statement "On the need to modernize the air defense of Ukraine," he said.

    “The text of the …

  • Lavrov: Russia will attack any military cargo going into Ukraine

    The Russian army will attack any military cargo that will be delivered to the territory of Ukraine, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an interview with the Russian VT channel RT.

    "We have made it very clear that any cargo that will enter the territory of Ukraine and which, we will assume, transport weapons, will become a legitimate target. This is completely understandable," the Foreign Minister said.

    At the same time, Lavrov especially warned NATO countries against supplying …

  • Zelensky: The Kremlin is destroying everything Russian society has achieved over the last 25 years

    Speaking in a video message released on Friday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Kremlin, by attacking Ukraine, will destroy everything that Russian society has achieved over the last 25 years.

    “The occupiers do not stop burning all their national wealth in the war against Ukraine,” Zelensky stated. “And I am sure that by attacking us, they will destroy everything Russian society has achieved over the past 25 years, and they will return to where they began to rise. As they …