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  • Russian Defense Minister warns Europe of 'serious consequences' if the US withdraws from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

    Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu stated that the withdrawal of the US from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty would have serious consequences primarily for Europe, Interfax reports.  

    “We are interested to see the reaction of Europe to the US decision to withdraw from the INF. And I would like Europe to know and understand the consequences that would follow in the case of the deployment of medium-range missiles in Europe, ”said Shoygu.

    The decision of the United States will …

  • Kremlin: USA prepares a war and Russia is preparing for it

    The U.S. is "preparing a war," said the deputy head of the Department of Nonproliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrei Belousov at the UN General Assembly.

    According to him, Washington recently accused Russia of preparing a war. But, as Belousov stressed, Russian citizens are preparing to defend their homeland, its territorial integrity, its principles and people.

    Moscow and the United States have significant differences in this matter, he noted, including "in the …

  • Russia promises to respond to deployment of US troops in Poland

    Poland’s plans to deploy a division of the US Armed Forces on its territory will not contribute to stability and the strengthening of the regional security, and if it happens, Russia will have to respond to it, stated Sergey Shoygu, the Russian Defense Minister.

    “In such conditions we will have to respond and should be ready to neutralize possible military threats in all directions,” he said during his speech in Minsk at the joint collegium of the Defense Ministry of Russia and Belarus.

    The …

  • US promises new Russia sanctions every two months

    The US will continue its systematic tightening of sanctions on Russia in order to force the Kremlin to change its policy towards Ukraine, US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine said at the Atlantic Council in Washington on Thursday.

    According to Volker, new sanctions will be imposed at a rate of “once every month or two”, in order to increase the pressure on Russia’s leaders.

    “We are increasing the pressure in order to force them to negotiate. This includes keeping US …

  • Iran threatens to restore uranium enrichment

    Iran would to restore uranium enrichment if Europe supports US sanctions, stated the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in an interview for Der Spiegel.

    Zarif claims that the European Union did not respond appropriately to the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement.

    “Europeans and other signatories must act to compensate for the consequences of US sanctions,” he said and stressed that first of all this concerns the banking system and oil business.

    In the event of a violation of …

  • Media: Germany plans to establish government agency for developing cyber weapons

    The German Federal government plans to establish a state agency for the development of cyber weapons at the initiative of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior. This was reported by Deutsche Welle, citing German media.

    The Bundestag plans to approve the establishment of "the agency on innovations in cyber security" at its meeting on Wednesday, August 15. The new agency should provide the Bundeswehr and security services with the necessary means to protect against cyber- …

  • Kremlin: Russia does not recognize US sanctions against Iran

    In an interview with the newspaper Kommersant, Russian ambassador to Tehran Levan Jagarian said that Moscow does not recognize US sanctions against Iran.

    “We do not recognize one-sided US sanctions. From our point of view, they are illegal”, Jagarian said, answering the question whether Russia will continue to purchase Iranian oil after November.

    The ambassador said that Iran firmly adheres to its obligations under the nuclear agreement, which was confirmed by the IAEA. In his opinion, when …

  • Media: US plans to create new military bases in Iraq and Kuwait

    The U.S. armed forces are planning to establish new military bases on the territory of Iraq and Kuwait, reported the TV channel PressTV with reference to the Iraqi media.

    According to the TV channel, the Americans plan to create a military base in the Iraqi province of Al Anbar, which will allow them to control the road connecting Baghdad with Damascus, as well as the territories in the west of the country. It is noted that the military base will become the third in the province along with air …

  • Putin and Lavrov meet with Trump's advisor Bolton in Moscow

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with U.S. President's National Security advisor John Bolton, said that Russian-American relations are in very poor condition and that one of the main reasons for this is political disagreements in the USA. According to Putin, Moscow has always tried to avoid aggravation of relations. Prior to his meeting with Putin, Bolton held closed talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

    "I regret to state that the Russian-American relations are not …

  • Media names date when Putin and Trump will meet in Vienna

    The Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, citing a source, has named the date that the leaders of Russia and the USA will meet in Vienna. According to the newspaper, the summit will take place on July 15, and preparations have already begun.

    Kronen Zeitung reported that for the past few days, diplomats from Washington and Moscow have been arriving in the Viennese capital. They are working out the details of the upcoming meeting. To ensure the safety of the leaders while they are in Vienna, …