Russia promises to respond to deployment of US troops in Poland

Poland’s plans to deploy a division of the US Armed Forces on its territory will not contribute to stability and the strengthening of the regional security, and if it happens, Russia will have to respond to it, stated Sergey Shoygu, the Russian Defense Minister.

“In such conditions we will have to respond and should be ready to neutralize possible military threats in all directions,” he said during his speech in Minsk at the joint collegium of the Defense Ministry of Russia and Belarus.

The President of the USA, Donald Trump stated in September that their government was seriously considering Poland’s proposal to create an American military base on its territory. Trump noted that Warsaw was ready to give Americans preferential treatment.

According to the proposal by Polish authorities to the US, Warsaw is ready to put up $1.5 billion to $2 billion for creating a base which is necessary to counter the “increased and dangerous position of Russia.”

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