Media names date when Putin and Trump will meet in Vienna

The Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, citing a source, has named the date that the leaders of Russia and the USA will meet in Vienna. According to the newspaper, the summit will take place on July 15, and preparations have already begun.

Kronen Zeitung reported that for the past few days, diplomats from Washington and Moscow have been arriving in the Viennese capital. They are working out the details of the upcoming meeting. To ensure the safety of the leaders while they are in Vienna, Russian and American secret service were also sent.

Moscow made no comment on the report in the Austrian press. “We are not ready to provide any information yet. We will release information as it becomes available,” press secretary to the president Dmitry Peskov said regarding the information in the Austrian newspaper, TASS reported.

On June 21, U.S. President Donald Trump confirmed that the meeting with the Russian president could happen in July. It is expected that the talks between the two leaders will take place during Trump’s trip to Europe, during which he will visit the NATO summit in Brussels on July 11-12 and pay an official visit to the UK on July 13.

According to Bloomberg sources, Washington is considering various dates as options for the meeting of the presidents; it could be either before the NATO summit or immediately after Trump’s visit to London. Citing a source in the British government, The Times reported that British authorities are concerned that the meeting between Putin and Trump will take place before the NATO summit. This is a concern because the purpose of the NATO summit is to discuss measures to counteract “Russian aggression.”

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