Kremlin: USA prepares a war and Russia is preparing for it

The U.S. is "preparing a war," said the deputy head of the Department of Nonproliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrei Belousov at the UN General Assembly.

According to him, Washington recently accused Russia of preparing a war. But, as Belousov stressed, Russian citizens are preparing to defend their homeland, its territorial integrity, its principles and people.

Moscow and the United States have significant differences in this matter, he noted, including "in the linguistic sense". "This difference lies in just one word, that both in Russian and in English: the Russian Federation is preparing for a war, and the United States is preparing a war," RIA Novosti quotes Belousov as saying.

“Otherwise, why would the United States withdraw from the treaty, build up its nuclear potential and adopt a new nuclear doctrine?” Belousov added

Belousov also accused the UN General Assembly of falling to consider the draft resolution submitted by Russia which aimed to protect the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

On Sunday, October 21, during his speech in front of his supporters in Nevada, Trump announced that he wants to leave the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty Treaty. “We will not allow anyone to violate the terms of this agreement,” he said. Russia and the United States periodically accuse each other of violating this agreement.

In response to Trump’s words, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow is ready to respond to Trump’s threat of withdrawing from the agreement. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov explained that Russia is prepared to respond if Washington continues to withdraw from agreements and arrangements unilaterally. He added that measures against the U.S. could be "of a military-technical nature."

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