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  • Islamic State threatens Russia

    The terrorist group, Islamic State, published a video threatening to carry out attacks on Russian soil– reported SITE international intelligence group. The group tracks jihadist activities on the Internet.

    In the video, a sequence of video scenes is accompanied by a song “Soon, very soon” and features images of murder and ISIS militants. "Soon a sea of blood will flow" -proclaim the jihadists.

    The Kremlin responded to the video. "Russian Intelligence Agencies will examine the video …

  • Bellingcat: Russia gives misleading information on actual targets in Syria

    Bellingcat, a British independent research group, believes that the Russian Ministry of Defense is providing wrong information in their reports on airstrikes in Syria. The British experts came to the conclusion, after studying the recording of the press briefing of the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defence, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

    Bellingcat reports that Russian Aero Space Forces carried out airstrikes not on Islamic States positions, as they said, but on other targets. In …

  • Assistant to US President: Russia wants the world to forget about Ukraine

    "Russia is trying to make the world forget about Ukraine" – stated the Special Assistant to the US President, Celeste Wallander, in her interview to Meduza. According to her, Kremlin, in being actively involved in Syria, is trying to make the West forget about the war in Ukraine.“That could be partly true. It’s one of their goals. But I want to emphasize that the USA is ready to cooperate with Russia to find a solution for the Syrian crisis. But Ukraine remains the unsolved problem, and you can’ …

  • Rebels counterattack government forces in the West of Syria

    Syrian human rights activists report that on Friday, the fighters of Ahrar ash-Sham group and other rebel forces went on counteroffensive and took control of the village of Atshan and surrounding areas in Hama region. According to the Human Rights Monitoring Center, Atshan village was under the control of the Government Forces since October. This village is located at the intersection of several country roads and lies 10 km to The East of the village of Morek. Morek is situated near the highway …

  • Russia steps up its military presence in Syria while Turkey accuses US of insignificant support to opposition.

    According to the American data Russia has doubled the number of servicemen in Syria. At the same time  the media has been reporting that Washington and its allies are planning to increase assistance to the Syrian opposition.

    Commander-In-Chief of the Russian Military Space Forces, Viktor Bondarev, said that Russia has recently sent air defence system to Syria in order to prevent hijackings of aircraft and retaliatory attacks.   

    “We have evaluated all possible outcomes. We have stationed   …

  • Russia sends anti-aircraft missiles to Syria

    According to Russian Air Force commander, Russia has sent anti-aircraft missiles to Syria to protect its jets involved in airstrikes against IS militants.

    Russia has been carrying out airstrikes on Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters, and other opposition groups, in Syria since the end of September at the request of President Bashar Assad, Russia's long-term ally.

    Russian officials have insisted that their military involvement in Syria will be limited to an air force operation. …

  • Russian airstrikes killed commanders of rebel groups supported by US.

    A monitoring group reports that several commanders of the “Free Syrian Army” have been killed by Russian air strikes in recent days.

    The commanders are reportedly from the groups which receive support of US and other coalition allies.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human rights reports that 45 people were killed by Russian airstrikes on Monday.

    Among them were both civilians and rebel fighters. The airstrikes occurred in Jabal Akrad area.

    This area is under control of the First Coastal Division …

  • Turkey: Any aircraft violating our air space will be shot down.

    "Turkey will shoot down any aircrafts violating the country's airspace."

    The statement was made on Saturday, October 17 by Ahmet Davutoğlu the Turkish Prime Minister.

    "Yesterday we shot down a drone. Had it been an aircraft we would have done the same. Our rules of engagement are well known. We will repel anyone violating our borders"

    On October 16 Turkish F-16 aircrafts shot down a drone of an unknown manufacturer.

     A military statement said the aircraft was shot down after it ignored …