Islamic State threatens Russia

The terrorist group, Islamic State, published a video threatening to carry out attacks on Russian soil– reported SITE international intelligence group. The group tracks jihadist activities on the Internet.

In the video, a sequence of video scenes is accompanied by a song “Soon, very soon” and features images of murder and ISIS militants.
"Soon a sea of blood will flow" -proclaim the jihadists.

The Kremlin responded to the video.
"Russian Intelligence Agencies will examine the video disseminated on behalf of the Islamic State ."– stated the Spokesman of the Russian President, Dmitriy Peskov.
At the same time, messages about allegedly forthcoming terrorist acts have begun to appear in Russian social networks.

On November 11, an official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Elena Alexeeva, stated in her Instagram post that the law enforcement authorities have identified the most active users involved in spreading these rumors– reported Russian TASS agency. 

On October, 13 ISIS declared a jihad war against Russia when Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani, the Islamic States's official spokesman, called on “Islamic youth” to start the “fire of the holy war” against Russian and American “crusaders” everywhere.

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