Russia steps up its military presence in Syria while Turkey accuses US of insignificant support to opposition.

According to the American data Russia has doubled the number of servicemen in Syria. At the same time  the media has been reporting that Washington and its allies are planning to increase assistance to the Syrian opposition.

Commander-In-Chief of the Russian Military Space Forces, Viktor Bondarev, said that Russia has recently sent air defence system to Syria in order to prevent hijackings of aircraft and retaliatory attacks.   

“We have evaluated all possible outcomes. We have stationed  there not only fighter jets, attack aircrafts, jet bombers and helicopters but also air defence systems in order to secure ourselves from any force majeure events like hijacking of aircrafts on the territories of other bordering countries and attacking us. And we must be prepared for this” – said Bondarev in his interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, released on Thursday November 5.

Russia doubles the number of military personnel in Syria.

As reported by Reuters over the last month Russia has doubled the number of its servicemen in Syria to almost 4000. US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, also said that Russia placed artillery units in Syria.

At the same time since  the beginning of Russian airstrikes in Syria President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces have not managed to make any significant territorial gains.

American Intelligence admits that Syrian military operations with the support of Russia can lead to bigger victories but as current stalemate continues, there will be a growing pressure on Vladimir Putin to find  alternative solutions for Russia’s actions.

USA increases supplies of weapons to the Syrian opposition

As reported by The Wall Street Journal USA and its allies agreed to increase the supplies of weapons and other equipment to the modest Syrian rebels in order for them to be able to stand up to  Al Assad’s forces and Iranian armed intervention.

The increased supply of weapons through the channels of USA Security forces, Saudi Arabia and other allied countries will most likely lead to the fierce fighting in Syria. At the same time the U.S President, Barack Obama promised to prevent the conflict in Syria from becoming the war between USA and Russia.

According to the sources in the White House, Barack Obama implements his two pronged strategy, the purposes of which is to  continue exerting pressure on Bashar Al-Assad and his Iranian and Russian supporters and to boost the efforts of American diplomats in order to compel the resignation of the Syrian President.

Saudi Arabia and Turkish officials said that American military support to Syrian rebels is insignificant despite the promises of Washington to intensify American support to modest Syrian opposition.

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