Rebels counterattack government forces in the West of Syria

Syrian human rights activists report that on Friday, the fighters of Ahrar ash-Sham group and other rebel forces went on counteroffensive and took control of the village of Atshan and surrounding areas in Hama region.
According to the Human Rights Monitoring Center, Atshan village was under the control of the Government Forces since October. This village is located at the intersection of several country roads and lies 10 km to The East of the village of Morek. Morek is situated near the highway connecting the Syria's main cities, Damascus, Homs and Aleppo. Morek was previously captured by the Islamist Rebels of "Jude Al-Aqsa" group.

Capture of Morek was an unexpected blow for the government military campaign, the main forces of which are located in the country’s western and north-western parts. Recently, Syrian army reported about the successful offensive in the Aleppo region. A representative of the Syrian army, Brigadier General Ali Mayhub stated that Government Forces together with Civil Defence Forces have opened the Aleppo-Halaser-Salamiya road.

Upon request of the President of Syria, Bashar Assad, on September 30, Russia started military operation in Syria. The Government army provides only air tactical support. The USA accuses Russia of attacking positions of moderate rebels but Moscow denies the accusations made against it. Moscow states that only militants’ positions of Islamic State are the bombardment targets. As reported by the Russian Ministry of Defence, the strikes of Aero-Space Forces hit more than 2000 terrorists’ buildings.

Since late September, Russian aircrafts made 1631 combat missions and performed 2084 air strikes.

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