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  • Russia issues arrest warrants for Syrian militants who shot down and killed Su-25 pilot

    Moscow’s Basmanny District Court approved the arrest in absentia of three Syrian citizens involved in the destruction of the Russian Su-25 fighter jet in February 2018 and the death of its pilot Roman Filipov, the Court’s press office told RBC. Pre-trial restrictions in the form of two months’ confinement from the time of detention in Russia or extradition from another country have been instituted for Tarek Nawras, Amir Izzat Sohta and Srabi Murad Juma.  The three are also subject to …

  • Syrian opposition forces say they shot down one of Assad’s aircraft

    Syrian rebels shot down a Syrian military aircraft 50 km (31 mi) from Damascus, as reported to Reuters by a representative of the group Lions of the East Army, which is supported by the international coalition.

    “We shot down a Syrian jet plane in the Tel-Dakwa area, near Damascus. We are looking for a pilot,” the source said.

    As reported by Reuters, the opposition media posted photos on their websites of the remains of a pilot and an aircraft, allegedly shot down by the Syrian opposition …

  • Russia denies allegation that it is preparing an assault on Aleppo

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has stated that it is not attempting to carry out an assault on Aleppo under the guise of a humanitarian operation, RBC reported.

    Washington has suggested that Russia could be preparing an assault on Aleppo by creating three humanitarian passages for civilians wanting to flee rebel-held eastern districts of the city.

    "It has the risk, if it is a ruse, of completely breaking apart the level of cooperation," US Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters.

    "On the …

  • Bellingcat: Russia gives misleading information on actual targets in Syria

    Bellingcat, a British independent research group, believes that the Russian Ministry of Defense is providing wrong information in their reports on airstrikes in Syria. The British experts came to the conclusion, after studying the recording of the press briefing of the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defence, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

    Bellingcat reports that Russian Aero Space Forces carried out airstrikes not on Islamic States positions, as they said, but on other targets. In …

  • Rebels counterattack government forces in the West of Syria

    Syrian human rights activists report that on Friday, the fighters of Ahrar ash-Sham group and other rebel forces went on counteroffensive and took control of the village of Atshan and surrounding areas in Hama region. According to the Human Rights Monitoring Center, Atshan village was under the control of the Government Forces since October. This village is located at the intersection of several country roads and lies 10 km to The East of the village of Morek. Morek is situated near the highway …