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  • First Russian-made high-power turbine fell apart during tests

    The Russian gas turbine created by the Rostec Corporation as part of import phase-out program fell apart during tests, Reuters reports.

    The prototype, a modernized version of 110М gas turbine unit fell apart during tests and cannot be restored, Reuters reports citing its sources. The tests were performed at the Saturn factory in Rybinsk which is a part of the Rostec state corporation. According to one of the sources, the tests were conducted in December. There were efforts to restore the …

  • Russia's industrial conglomerate Rostec plans to switch to the Russian equivalent of SWIFT system

    Russia's Rostec State corporation and the Bank of Russia will switch over to a national system for the transfer of financial messages of the Bank of Russia (SPFS), an equivalent of the SWIFT (Society for Wordwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) service. The press service of Rostec reported that the system will be used as a channel for the exchange of financial information between all participants of the SPFS. “The digital infrastructure will exchange data in an encrypted mode, which …

  • Siemens signs new contract with Russian company that previously delivered its turbines to Crimea

    A subsidiary of the German company Siemens confirmed a new joint venture with the Russian state corporation Rostec, who had previously deceived Siemens with the illegal supply of its gas turbines to the Crimea in violation of contract. This was reported on January 11 by the Russian state news agency TASS.

    Inna Domoratskaya, the Press Secretary of the Russian company Siemens Healthcare, a division of Siemens Healthcare GmbH, told the agency that this subsidiary of Siemens is ready to provide …

  • Putin warns Rostec state-owned conglomerate against uncontrolled extension

    Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the state corporation Rostec from endless and uncontrolled growth, Interfax reports.

    "You cannot expand endlessly, without any control, and you need to understand exactly what the corporation is created for, where it should move, and in what parameters it should function, so that its work is optimal, effective, and competitive," Putin said, speaking at Rostec’s 10 year anniversary celebration.

    The state corporation includes more than 700 enterprises, …

  • Court hearing of Siemens turbine case to commence on October 20th in Moscow

    The Moscow Arbitration Court scheduled a preliminary meeting on October 20th to review the suit brought by the joint venture of Siemens and OJSC Power Machines – Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies LLC (SGTT) – against two Russian enterprises, the Rostec state corporation and Technopromexport JSC, as stated in the court documents. 

    The press service of Siemens in Russia has not yet commented on the content of the claim against Rostec.

    Earlier, Siemens itself filed a lawsuit against …

  • Head of Rostec: Despite sanctions against Russia, Americans buy Kalashnikov assault rifles

    The U.S. continues to buy Russian Kalashnikov assault rifles despite sanctions against the Russian Federation, said Sergey Chemezov, head of Rostec State Corporation.

    "Practically all countries buy [these weapons]. Even the Americans, while they do not buy directly, but nevertheless, they are happy to acquire these weapons for the Armed Forces based in Afghanistan," Chemezov said during the program "V Rabochiy Polden” (In the Working Noon) on Russia 24 TV channel.

    According to Chemezov, the U. …

  • Head of Rostec: U.S. had to lift sanctions from Russia to purchase spare parts for Mi-17 helicopters

    Sergey Chemezov, the General Director of the state corporation Rostec, claimed that the sanctions imposed by the United States on the purchase of Russian weapons do not seriously affect Rosoboronexport's sales volumes.

    “We had practically no direct cooperation with the United States. Except for the helicopters that we supplied for the needs of the army of Afghanistan. About 50 Mi-17 transport helicopters were manufactured and delivered. Today, all that’s left is the task of how to repair them, …

  • Rostec: Russia has weapons to defend against the new US micro-drone swarm

    On March 12th reported that the CEO of the State Corporation Rostec, Sergey Chemezov, said that Russia has weapons to use against the swarm of tiny drones recently demonstrated in the US.

    "The JSC company, Radio-Electronic Technologies, has created a system of electronic warfare which renders the control systems of these drones useless." The installed radio electronic equipment burns down and the drone becomes just a piece of metal," he said in an interview with Vesti Nedeli, which …