First Russian-made high-power turbine fell apart during tests

The Russian gas turbine created by the Rostec Corporation as part of import phase-out program fell apart during tests, Reuters reports.

The prototype, a modernized version of 110М gas turbine unit fell apart during tests and cannot be restored, Reuters reports citing its sources. The tests were performed at the Saturn factory in Rybinsk which is a part of the Rostec state corporation. According to one of the sources, the tests were conducted in December. There were efforts to restore the prototype to working condition by March but to no avail.

The Russian authorities included the redesign of the turbine 110M in the import phase-out program expecting to satisfy local demand with domestic equipment. The joint venture company of the Inter RAO energy holding, Rusnano and Saturn corporations runs the project. In 2012, both companies created a special engineering center to modernize the engine and create the gas turbine engine 110M.

Serial production of medium and heavy-duty gas turbines is not Russia’s forte. The first attempts to create them were in 1990 and the early 2000’s at the Saturn factory where several turbines were made but did go into serial production because they required further work. Gazprom bought the turbine but later refused to use it.

Most new Russian power stations were built on turbines imported from Siemens, French Alstom, American General Electric, and Italian Ansaldo Energia.

The Russian Ministry of Energy estimates the domestic demand from 2020 to 2035 will require 80 gas turbines with capacity ranging from 50 to 180 megawatts and 20 gas turbines at 300 megawatts.

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