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  • Secretary of Iran's Security Council: Iran's cooperation with Russia is of 'strategic importance'

    Tehran has decided to give access to its military infrastructure to Russia in their fight against terrorist groups in Syria as reported on Tuesday, August 16, by world media, referring to the statement of the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, Ali Shamkhani. In an interview with the Iranian IRNA news agency, Shamkhani also emphasized that Iran's cooperation with Russia is of strategic importance.

    Earlier, news agencies reported that Russian Tu-22M3 bombers, which are …

  • Russia has requested permission for cruise missiles to fly through Iraqi and Iranian airspace

    The Russian DefenSe Ministry has requested the use of Iraq’s and Iran’s airspace to launch cruise missiles, Russian Interfax news agency reports citing a military-diplomatic source.

    "The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation sent a request to Iraq and Iran regarding the use of their airspace for cruise missiles last week," the representative from the Russian Ministry of Defense stated.

    Previously, The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation announced the start of tactical …

  • Russia launches airstrikes in Syria from Iranian base

    Russian Tu22M3 and Su-34 bombers that are based at the Hamadan airfield in Iran have conducted airstrikes in Syria, Interfax reported. The sorties were the first time Russian aircraft had taken off from Iranian territory and carried out airstrikes in Syria.

    The bombers were covered by Su-35 fighters which are based in Syria.

    "On August 16, Tu-22M3 long-range bombers and Sukhoi Su-34 aircraft, travelling with full bomb loads from the Hamadan airbase (in the Islamic Republic of Iran), carried …

  • Poland begins to purchase Iranian oil as an alternative to imports from Russia

    Oil trader Mercuria, the largest seller of Russian Urals oil in Poland, is closing down its oparations with Urals oil and emptying Russian oil out of its tanks in the port of Gdansk, Reuters reports.

    It is noted that the oil trader will use a tanker to bring in Iranian oil. Mercuria will send more than 250,000 tons of unsold Urals oil to Asia using the super tanker Atlantas (VLCC). The same tanker will bring back two million barrels of Iranian oil to Gdansk.

    According to the agency, Polish …

  • Iran to consider transporting oil through Ukraine

    Tehran will study a proposal submitted by Kiev about the possibility of transporting Iranian oil to Slovakia and the Czech Republic via Ukraine, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

    Following a meeting between Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zangeneh the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, Igor Nasalik, the former stated that Tehran is ready to begin cooperation with Kiev on supplying oil directly to Ukraine, despite the fact that Ukrainian oil refining capabilities are minor.

    Iranian …

  • Russia is ready to provide 2.5 billion Euro loan to Iran

    The total amount of two loans to Iran will amount to about 2.5 billion Euros, the Russian Deputy Finance Minister, Sergiy Storchak, said. "The total amount of the two loans is about 2.5 billion Euros. One is a little more, the other is a little smaller," TASS quoted the official as saying. Storchak said that the Finance Ministry expects the negotiations will be completed and loan documents signed within two weeks.

    "The domestic procedures of the parties have been completed. This issue will …

  • Russia will not supply offensive weapons to Iran

    Russia will not supply offensive weapons to Iran despite Tehran’s interest in purchasing Russian tanks and fighter jets, the CEO of Rostec Corporation, Sergey Chemezov, stated during an interview with Kommersant.

    According to him, sanctions, which were imposed by the UN Security Council, prohibit the of supply such weapons to Iran. At the same time, Chemezov reported that supplies of armaments that aren’t subject to these restrictions, such as air defense systems, will continue.  

    In …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin to visit Iran

    The Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pavlo Klimkin, will visit Iran on May 29th to 30th at the invitation of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic, Mohammad Zarif, according to the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

    "The purpose of the visit is to discuss the current state of and prospects of developing bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Iran. Among other things, the parties will exchange views on current regional issues and challenges of our time on a global …

  • Lavrov: Russia would consider selling tanks, armored vehicles and combat aircraft to Iran

    Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has said that Russia would consider selling tanks, armored personnel carriers and combat aircraft to Iran.

    “Bans against Iran for certain weapons such as tanks, armored personnel carriers and combat aircraft were removed and instead changed to five-year licensing regimes. This means that Iran can now consider buying these types of weapons. We will definitely consider their proposals if they contact us in this regard. I will however repeat that the S-300 …

  • Iran showcases newly acquired Russian S-300 missile systems at military parade in Tehran

    The agency Mehr reported on 17th of April that the elements of S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, which Russia began to supply to Iran, were presented at the military parade in honor of National Army Day in Tehran. The Agency also provides the details about other missiles that were shown at the military parade. It was reported that modifications of the missiles of the different range, including X53, X29L, PLG, Gader, Nasr, Fakur, Fab-500 and AM54 were presented at the military parade.

    A …