Russia and Iran are in talks over arms deal worth $10 billion

Iran is interested in buying Russian weapons including-90 tanks, artillery systems, aircraft and helicopters. The deal is expected to be worth around 10 billion dollars. This has been reported by several Russian news agencies with a reference to the chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation, Victor Ozerov.

“These negotiations are underway. We have a base for it, the portfolio is worth around 10 billion dollars,”  said Ozerov after a visit to Iran with the delegation of the Council of Russian Federation.

Ozerov stressed that before 2020 such deals can only be fulfilled with the approval by the UN.

“It’s obvious that the US and its allies will block these deals, but we intend to continue the negotiations,” – he said

Earlier Russia supplied Iran with S-300 air defense systems. The cost of the S-300 contract was $800 million US dollars.

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