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  • Scientist arrested in Russia over hypersonic weapons information leak

    Roskosmos (Russia’s state space agency) has confirmed the arrest of Viktor Kudryavtsev, a scientist from the Central Research Institute for Machine Building (TsNIIMash), Russian media reported on Sunday, July 22.

    “He is currently being investigated,” Roskosmos spokesman Vladimir Ustimenko told Russian news agency TASS. He did not provide any further details.

    News came out earlier that 74 year-old Viktor Kudryavtsev, a scientist from TsNIIMash, had been sent to the Lefortovo pre-trial …

  • Ukraine’s military command: a hidden weapons arsenal exploded in the Donbas

    A hidden arsenal of weapons exploded in separates-held territory of the Donbas, resulting in two militants killed and one injured, as reported by the press-service of the Ukrainian military command on Facebook.

    It is reported that on April 27, ammunitions detonated in the positions of the separatist 9th Motor Rifle Regiment in the Donetsk region due to violations of fire safety standards.

    "A powerful explosion led to the partial destruction of the positions… The scale of destruction and the …

  • Since the beginning of 2017 the Ukrainian Army has received 10 aircraft and 875 units of new military equipment

    Since the beginning of the year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine has received 875 units of weapons and military equipment, as reported by the official spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Andriy Lysenko, Ukrinform reports.

    "Since the beginning of the year, 875 units of weapons and military equipment have been delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including 10 aircraft, 2 helicopters, 67 armored vehicles, 26 missile and artillery armament units, and 319 cargo, ambulance, and …

  • Russia tests new missile for Iskander complex

    The Russian Ministry of Defense reported on the completion of tests of the new missile for the Iskander short-range ballistic missile system, as stated in the message issued by Major General Oleg Kislov, the head of the Kapustin Yar rocket launch and development site where the tests were conducted published on website of the Defense Ministry.

    According to Kislov, the military conducted test firing of 400 surface-to-air missile system as part of the re-armament tests.

    According to the Major …

  • Ukraine tests new anti-tank missile system

    The tests of the new Skif anti-tank guided missile system, which took place both in Ukraine and abroad, in particular, in the ultra-high temperatures in the desert, were successful, according to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksandr Turchynov.

    The ATGM rockets "accurately, without a miss, hit targets at a distance of up to 5.5 kilometers," the website of the National Security and Defense Council quotes Turchynov as saying.

    Turchynov said that the ATGM Skif …

  • Ukraine and the US began joint production of fire arms

    Ukraine and the United States of America have begun the joint production of small arms. Demonstration of the first batch of weapons took place on Thursday at the National Guard shooting range near Kyiv, reports Voice of America.

    The venture is a joint project of the state concern Ukroboronprom and the American company Aeros. The weapon mainly being produced is an automatic carbine that works with both 7.62 mm cartridges and 5.56 mm cartridges. The former is standard for the Kalashnikov assault …

  • OCCRP: US armed Syrian opposition fighters with Soviet-made weapons

    The US Department of Defense purchased Soviet-made weapons from Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Ukraine for Syrian rebels. This was stated in the published results of the months-long investigation by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

    It was reported that for these purchases, the US lowered the requirements for production standards. The weapons are intended for Syrian opposition fighting against the terrorists of the …

  • Volker: During his visit, US Secretary of Defense brought military equipment for Ukrainian Army

    Kurt Volker, Special Representative of the US Department of State for Ukraine, said that US Secretary of Defense James Mattis brought military equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine during his visit to Ukraine on August 23-24.

    “I agree that ministers of defense don’t arrive empty handed. The defense minister (J. Mattis) brought certain defensive equipment for the Ukrainian army,” Volker said in an interview for the TV channel Pryama.

    The special representative commented that the US will …

  • Poroshenko: Ukraine begins technical re-equipment of the army

    President Petro Poroshenko has said that Ukraine is launching a program of technical modernization for the army.

    "We must bring our weapons to the level of the 21st century," the president said at the opening of an arms show in the center of Kyiv on Wednesday.

    "Scientists, instructors, [and] heads of defense enterprises face important tasks in developing and setting up the production of new missile weapons, cruise missile systems, modern artillery systems, precision munitions, unmanned aerial …

  • Ukrainian Minister of Defense: Lithuania is the only country which provided lethal weapons for Ukraine

    Ukraine expects that partner countries will provide it with lethal weapons. To date, only Lithuania has provided such assistance to the state, stated the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Stepan Poltorak.

    "Since the first day of aggression by the Russian Federation, we have appealed to all countries of the world to provide us with lethal weapons. We received such assistance only from Lithuania. We are ready to receive lethal weapons, but this requires the decision of the partner countries," …