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  • Russia to supply C-300 missiles to Iran

    Russia will supply S-300 air missile systems to Iran.

    S-300 will strengthen Iran’s defense and make attacks on their military targets challenging."Agreement to supply S-300 missile systems to Iran came into effect" – stated the Head of the “Russian Technologies” State Corporation, Sergey Chemezov.The signing of the agreement means that S-300 will become the first shipment of Russian weapons to be supplied to Iran after the international sanctions were lifted. Supply of these missile systems …

  • Syrian conflict - latest updates, October 15

    Iran enters Syrian conflict

    Iran has openly entered the Syrian conflict sending 3000 of its elite troops of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in support of the President Bashar Assad.

    Iranian troops have been deployed to central and northern parts of Syria where they have been joined by Hezbollah fighters.

    On October 10, General Hossein Hamadani ,  one of the commanders of the  Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps was killed in the area of  the Khanasser Highway in Southern Aleppo.

    General …

  • Iran won't buy Russian Superjets.

    As stated by Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Construction Ahmad Abbas Akhmud, Iran gives up plans to buy Russian Sukhoi Superjet-100 aircrafts to upgrade its fleet. 

    According to the minister, Iran has already held talks with Airbus and Boeing. "A preliminary agreement with leading aircraft manufacturers have been reached," - Akhmud said, "and as soon as the nuclear deal with world powers come into force, Iran's aviation industry will come out of sanctions".

    The secretary of the …