President of the Czech Republic complained about ‘rudeness’ of leader of DPR Zakharchenko

President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman said that the attitude of the leader of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko is "rude and uncivil", after he asked Zakharchenko to release the Ukrainian historian and religious scientist Igor Kozlovsky, "convicted for espionage."

According to Zeman, he wrote a letter to Zakharchenko about six months ago. Who, according to Zeman, did not answer the letter, which the Czech president regarded as "rudeness and incivility". Zeman warned that in the future he will speak "just as disparagingly" about the DPR.

"[The issue of release] can be technically resolved within the framework of the Minsk agreements which assume the the exchange of prisoners," Zeman said, adding that he asked to release Kozlovsky because Kozlovsky is sick.

He added that he also appealed for the release of Kozlovsky to the aide to the president of the Russian President Vladislav Surkov. At the same time, the Czech president did not specify whether Surkov responded to  his request.

  Milos Zeman, Czech Republic, Kozlovsky, Alexander Zakharchenko, DPR, Donbas, Ukraine