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  • Media reports indicate that there are more than 1,200 people in the DPR’s Marine Corps

    More than 1,200 people serve in the 9th Separate Motorized Rifle Regiment of the Marine Corps of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic), as reported by Kommersant newspaper, quoting a source close to the military command of the DPR.

    It was noted that the regiment is armed with T-72 tanks, BMP-2 armored vehicles and BTR-80 armored personnel carriers. According to Ukrainian forces, at the beginning of 2016, this regiment of the DPR Armed Forces was reinforced with Russian servicemen from the 810th …

  • Media: Separatist republics in eastern Ukraine halt coal mine operations

    Since July 2017 the work of coal enterprises in the DPR (Donetsk People's Republic) have been partially suspended, switching to a two-day work week, according to the Russian news agency, REGNUM, citing a source in the so-called ministry of coal and energy of the separatists, as well as an employee of the directorate of the state enterprise Torezantratsit.

    As of July 1, 2017, all the enterprises of Torezantratsit, including the enterprises of Shakhterskantratsit and Snezhnoyeantratsit will …

  • Military commander from DPR detained in Crimea on suspicion of killing a Ukrainian activist in Donetsk

    Vadim Pogodin, the commander of the battalion of pro-Russian separatists, Kerch, was detained in the annexed Crimea.

    Ostrov web site reported, citing the information in social networks, that Pogodin had been detained in Yalta on June 20th and then sent to the Simferopol pre-trial detention center.

    The pre-trial statement issued by of the Yalta City Court, indicates that Kramatorsk police are looking for Pogodin on suspicion of murder (Article 151 of the Criminal Code) and kidnapping (Article 1 …

  • Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine: Witnesses report execution of 134 people by separatists and Russian military in Donbas

    In response to RBC-Ukraine’s inquiry, the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine (GPU) confirmed that witnesses in the criminal case on the widespread and systematic violation of the laws and conventions of warfare by members of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic)   reported large-scale executions carried out by militants and Russian soldiers in the Donbas.

    The response specifies that in the pretrial investigations more than 900 people have been questioned …

  • Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reports 1700 deaths of those fighting for the separatists in the Donbas

    The Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has collected information about the separatist casualties in the Donbas. According to the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) and the Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) of the Ministry of Defense, 35,000-40,000 armed separatists of the self-proclaimed "republics" and 4,000-5,000 of the Russian military are members of the DPR (Dontesk People’s Republic) and LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic) army corps.

    "We collect data …

  • Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine accuses state railway company Ukrzaliznytsia of having business ties with separatist republics

    The Main Military Prosecutor General’s Office, in the context of the case on financing terrorism, conducted 28 simultaneous searches of the accommodation and premises of companies, including Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways).

    “It has been established that a number of commercial enterprises and officials of the public company Ukrzaliznytsia organized the shipment of the products of enterprises located in the LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic) and DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic), for the needs of …

  • Separatist commander Khodakovsky banned entry to Russia

    The commander of the separatist battalion Vostok, Aleksandr Khodakovsky, has been denied entry to Russia.

    "I, myself am under certain pressure to some degree. I already have two pieces of paper forbidding the entry to Russia," Khodakovsky said on his YouTube channel. According to him, he does not understand the reasons for this ban.

    Earlier, the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) reported that Russian special services could possibly target the separatist field commanders Bezler and Khodakovsky. …

  • The Ukrainian SBU is ready to exchange 200 prisoners with the DPR and LPR

    The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko agreed to sign an Act of Oblivion that will enable authorities to transfer more than 200 persons to the DPR and LPR in exchange for Ukrainian prisoners.

    The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasyl Hrytsak informed journalists about the details, reported Interfax Ukraine.

    “When will [there] be a swap? I want it to be today, tomorrow. We prepared for a swap. I’ll tell you the truth. And we are ready to swap more than 200 persons who expressed such …

  • Separatist field commander killed in eastern Ukraine

    The commander of the separatist battalion Hooligan, Vladimir Tsvyah, with the call sign Commander, has been killed in the Donbas, as reported by the journalist from the Russia-1 television channel, Alexander Rogatkin, on his Facebook page. 

    "Volodya Tsvyah, the legendary battalion commander, has died on the front line together with the battalion intelligence chief," wrote Rogatkin.

    The authorities of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) have not officially confirmed the death of …

  • Russian parliament committee proposes creation of tourist zones in separatist republics in Eastern Ukraine

    On Wednesday, May 17, an exhibition titled the “Industrial Heritage of the Donbas” will be opened in the State Duma, RBC news agency reported. It will be organized by MP Iosif Kobzon from the “Yedinaya Rossiya” (United Russia) party and the Lower House Committee for Culture, two sources from the Committee for Culture told RBC. From the unrecognized republics, Eduard Golenko, acting Minister of the Coal Industry of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) is expected to speak at the exhibition, one …