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  • Kyiv reports that eight Ukrainian soldiers were detained in DPR

    The Joint Forces Operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that eight Ukrainian servicemen were detained near Donetsk, according a message posted to the Facebook page of the operation’s command.

    This happened near the settlement of Novotroitsk in the early morning of May 22. The detainees were driving a truck near Novotroitsk, but, “deviated from the set route and entered the temporarily occupied territory.”

    At the same time, People's Militia authorities in the self-proclaimed Donetsk …

  • Similar to Donbas Kremlin could start issuing Russian passports in Transnistria

    The State Duma deputy, Alexander Yaroshuk, told the TSV television channel that a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship might be organized for Transnistria in the near future.

    The parliamentarian stressed that in the lower house of parliament "they clearly understand the problems of the unrecognized republics." At the same time, amendments were made to all laws for the successful implementation of the initiative, “which had to be amended.”

    “Now there is the political will …

  • United States assures support for Ukraine under President Zelensky

    The U.S. Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, who led the American delegation to the inauguration of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said that Ukrainian people can rely on the United States.

     “President [Donald Trump] sent us in order to assure the people of Ukraine that they can rely on the United States, rely on our cooperation with the new president and, I hope, with the Verkhovna Rada,” said Perry while speaking to journalists in the Verkhovna Rada after the official Zelensky’s …

  • Media: U.S. State Department to appoint a charge d'affaires instead of ambassador to Ukraine

    The U.S. Department of State considers appointing a chargé d'affaires instead of ambassador in Ukraine, reports with reference to its own diplomatic sources.

    According to the publication, the most likely appointment to this position is William Taylor, who served as an ambassador in Kyiv in 2006-2009.

    “The Department of State made a proposal, which is still being considered by the executive vice president of the United States Institute for Peace,” the publication writes.

    “Shortly, a …

  • Russia faces steel surplus due to supply from Donbas

    The Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) is concerned that there may be a surplus of steel offered on the Russian market due to the growing imports from the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) in eastern Ukraine. The company mentioned this concern in its report for the first quarter of 2019, RBC reports.

    MMK also drew attention to steel imports from the Donbas in its fourth quarterly report for 2018: “The price of thick plates was under pressure due to the excess …

  • Belarus hopes that it will maintain good relations with Ukraine after Poroshenko's departure

    Minsk hopes that Ukraine has a clear understanding of the importance of relationships with Belarus, stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei during the conference that was dedicated to the decade of the Eastern Partnership, BelTA reports.

     "I talked a lot on this topic with my colleague Klimkin. I think there is a clear understanding in Ukraine that Belarus is an important partner and they should never expect any negative actions from Belarus towards Ukraine," the …

  • Ukraine’s muftis and rabbis to Donbas residents: lay down your weapons

    Ahead of his inauguration, Ukraine’s President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky has held a meeting with a number of prominent religious leaders. During the meeting, Ukrainian priests, mullahs and rabbis recorded a joint video message to the pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas who have declared autonomy in Luhansk and in Donetsk.

    In the video, the religious figures highlight the need to be filled with love, to set aside weapons, and to engage in peaceful dialog.

    The clip begins with a statement by …

  • Zelensky does not intend to change Ukraine's course to NATO

    Adviser on the Defense of a newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Ivan Aparshin outlined the priorities and political course of the new head of state, including in relations with Russia.

    On the air of Hromadske television Aparshin called the conflict in the Donbas as the "war with Russia" and promised that Zelensky won't change the attitude to this situation.

    Besides, one of the main priorities under the new leadership will remain Ukraine's accession to NATO, as well as the …

  • Kyiv: Russian passports will be issued primarily to ‘power structures’ of LPR and DPR militants

    Russian passports in LPR and DPR will be issued primarily to representatives of the "power structures" of militants, said the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine for European Integration Anatolii Petrenko.

    "We have reasons to believe that first of all passports will be issued to the so-called "power structures" of the occupation administrations. Therefore, both de facto and de jure, the use of weapons in the illegally occupied territories will be carried out by citizens of the Russian …

  • Former Ukrainian Joint Forces commander: Russia has more than 70,000 regular troops in Crimea and Donbas

    There are nearly 75,000 Russian career soldiers in Crimea and the Donbas, Serhiy Nayev, former commander of Ukraine’s Joint Forces, told TSN in an interview.

    “In Crimea there are 40,000 Russian soldiers, and 35,000 in the Donbas, where Russians hold all the leading military positions and are part of the so-called precision divisions. The special divisions and instructors are also from Russia. There are generally between 2,100 and 2,300 of them there. In the ‘army ranks’, there are around 11,000 …