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  • Czech President hinders extradition of Russian hacker to US

    Czech President Milos Zeman insists on extraditing Russian Evgeny Nikulin, detained in Prague in 2016 at Washington’s request, to Russia rather than the United States, Czech Justice Minister Robert Pelikan told the publication Aktualne.

    "It is true that there have been two meetings this year at which the President asked me to extradite a Russian citizen not to the United States, but to Russia," Pelikan said. After the publication of the material, right-wing Czech politicians attacked Zeman …

  • Czech Republic to invest $200 million in gas exploration projects in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian natural gas production sector might receive a new foreign investor soon. A Slovak oil and gas drilling company, Nafta intends to invest $200 million USD in exploration and extraction of natural gas in Ukrainian gas fields. A statement came from representatives of Nafta and its main stakeholder, Czech Republic-based EPH holding during their last visit to Kyiv, as reported by Joseph Levoca, the director for exploration and production presented plans to develop the …

  • School atlases with 'Russian Crimea' withdrawn from lists of recommended textbooks in the Czech Republic

    Atlases containing controversial maps that showed “Russian Crimea” were approved for distribution in accordance with the internal documents of the Czech Ministry of Education in the summer of 2017. Later, the Ambassador of Ukraine protested the incorrect marking of the peninsula.

    The Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic stated that the school atlas in which the Crimea was marked as Russian territory is now out of circulation in the country.

    "The Ministry of Education studied the …

  • President of the Czech Republic complained about ‘rudeness’ of leader of DPR Zakharchenko

    President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman said that the attitude of the leader of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko is "rude and uncivil", after he asked Zakharchenko to release the Ukrainian historian and religious scientist Igor Kozlovsky, "convicted for espionage."

    According to Zeman, he wrote a letter to Zakharchenko about six months ago. Who, according to Zeman, did not answer the letter, which the Czech president regarded as "rudeness and incivility". Zeman warned that in the future he …

  • Russia and Czech Republic sign agreements for $20 billion

    Russia and the Czech Republic will sign 13 documents on cooperation in economic matters for a total sum of about $20 billion as the result of the visit of the Czech delegation, stated President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman after talks with President Vladimir Putin, TASS news agency reports.

    “As for specific agreements, fundamental agreements, ten of them will be signed in Moscow and three more in Yekaterinburg. The total amount of the signed agreements will come to $20 billion” said Zeman. …

  • Media: Russia used Czech Republic as a base for its attacks on Ukraine, EU and NATO

    The Czech Republic has become one of the bases for special operations against Ukraine, the EU and NATO. Russian special services tried to obtain "confidential information" of a political nature, the Czech News Agency reports, citing counterintelligence services of the Czech Republic.

    According to the media, the Russian special service "has a network of contacts in the Czech Republic, which they continue to develop."

    Last year, massive cyberattacks against state organizations and commercial …

  • Elections winner in Czech Republic excludes possibility of pro-Russian coalition

    The leader of the ANO party, the decisive winner in the Czech elections, said that he will not negotiate the formation of the government with the pro-Russian parties who were also among the leaders of the election.

    This was reported by iDnes, citing the speech given by ANO head Andrej Babiš. iDnes is part of Babiš’s own media holdings.

    Appearing before the media after the announcement of election results, the politician said that he would work “with all the political forces” in parliament, …

  • Czech MEPs call on President Zeman to apologize to Ukraine

    A group of members of the European Parliament (EP) from the Czech Republic have sent a letter to the President of the country, Milos Zeman, with an appeal "to apologize to Ukraine for [his] statements, thus at least partially correcting the harm," reported Radio Liberty.

    The deputies’ letter, which the editorial staff of Radio Liberty has obtained, also notes that Zeman undermined the authority of international law during his performance in Strasbourg, when Ukraine became a victim of Russian …

  • Czech Republic says it is ready to help Ukraine gain its energy independence from Russia

    The Czech Republic is ready to help Ukraine become an energy-secure country, as reported by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Pavel Belobradek, on Radio Liberty after a meeting with the Minister of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine, Ihor Nasalyk in Prague.

    According to Belobradek, it is the main outcome of negotiations concerning Ukraine's energy security and cooperation between the two countries in the energy sector.

    "The energy issue is the exact tool that Russia uses to …

  • US strategic bombers arrive in Czech Republic

    Two American strategic bombers, a B-52 and a B-1B, landed at the Mošnov airport in Ostrava, in the north-east of the Czech Republic. These powerful military aircraft will take part in the NATO Days, Radio Svoboda reports.

    “These planes take part in public activities extremely rarely, and so this is a unique occasion, when we can see them in this way,” observed Zbinek Pavlacic, one of the event organizers.

    The B-52 and B-1B already participated in the Ample Strike drills alongside the Czech …