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  • Czech Republic uncovers a network of Russian Special Service agents

    The Security Information Service of the Czech Republic, also called Bezpečnostní Informační Služba or BIS, announced that in the last five years they have exposed dozens of Russian and Chinese spies. BIS Director Michal Koudelka said that BIS have also uncovered  an entire espionage network belonging to Russian Special Services.

    “We had an extremely successful period of cooperation with Czech security forces and foreign partners,” he stated. According to the Director of the Czech Security …

  • Czech Republic accuses Russia of cyber-attacks against its Foreign Ministry

    The Security Information Service (BIS) of the Czech Republic annual report published on Monday states that Russia’s intelligence services were behind last year's cyber-attacks targeting the Czech Foreign Ministry. Attackers broke into Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) information systems and got access to over 150 employees email addresses, copying letters and attachments to them.

    According to the document, the responsibility for two separate attacks on the country's Foreign Ministry …

  • Kerch crisis: Visegrad Four support Ukraine

    The foreign ministers of the countries comprising the Visegrad Four – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, have expressed their support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine by condemning the situation surrounding the Kerch crisis, Radio Liberty reports.

    According to the Slovak Foreign Ministry, during the discussion of the problem, “the strong support of all four ministers of the four countries was voiced for the territorial integrity of Ukraine in the dispute …

  • Czech Republic wants to reduce the number of Russian diplomats

    Czech Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček said that Prague would like to reduce the number of employees of the Russian Embassy so that it would correspond to the number of the Czech diplomats working in Russian, reported.

    “We are having a dialogue with the Russian side on the total number of diplomats in Prague,” said Petříček. He added that another topic of their talks with Russia is the need to reduce the 'excessive' number of cars registered by the Russian Embassy.

    “We can only …

  • Prague accuses Russia of trying to destroy the Czech Republic

    Director of the Czech Security Information Service (BIS) Michal Koudelka said during an international conference “Current Security Threats” that the Russian special services intend to destroy the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance, and especially the Czech Republic.

    “The main problem is posed by spies from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service and the Main Intelligence Directorate, who are very active and aggressive,” said the Director of the BIS. He asserted that “agents of …

  • Czech Republic Senate wants Prime Minister Babis to resign over ‘Crimean scandal’

    Radio Praha reports that the Czech Senate adopted a resolution that urged Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign. According to a message, "The upper house of parliament made the following decision by a majority of votes. Members of the Social Democratic Party, an ally of the ANO movement in the government coalition also voted in favor."

    Reports say that thousands of people took to the central streets of Prague, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Andrej Babis because of the scandal over …

  • Czech Prime Minister confirms his son's visit to Crimea

    Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis confirmed that last year his son visited annexed Crimea, informs Radio Liberty’s Russian Service.

    According to the local informational website, on November 14, the head of the Czech government, while speaking to the journalists in Prague, clarified that Andrej Babis Junior was visiting Ukraine.

    The prime minister said that Babis Junior has some psychiatric problems and criticized journalists for interviewing him. According to the politician, …

  • Czech authorities do not see reasons to lift sanctions from Russia

    The authorities of Czech Republic are convinced that there is not yet a reason to lift anti-Russian sanctions of the EU. The Czech leadership came to this conclusion during consultations regarding the implementation of the course of foreign policy of the country, held on Wednesday, in the presidential residence, reports Ceske Noviny.

    During a meeting held at the Prague Castle, all politicians agreed that the reasons, on which anti-Russian sanctions were introduced, still exist. In a joint …

  • Czech President calls sanctions against Russia 'ineffective'

    The sanctions of the European Union against Russia are ineffective and not beneficial, said the President of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman during a meeting with Ambassadors of the country, Zpravy news outlet reports.

    The President expressed his approval of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s earlier statement on the need to lift sanctions against Russia. "These sanctions benefit no one. I am pleased that the Prime Minister publicly stated that they are not effective," he said. Zeman also stated …

  • Czech deputies visit annexed Crimea despite Ukraine’s ban

    The Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic protested the visit of the European Parliament Member Jaromir Kohlicek and Senator Jaroslav Doubrava to the Crimean territory annexed by Russia.

    "We are talking about yet another reoccurring violation of the Ukrainian legislation by the mentioned politicians, who, despite repeated warnings, continue to ignore not only Ukrainian laws but also the international law," said the embassy’s statement.

    The statement notes that most of the Czech politicians, …