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  • Czech Republic denies entry to an employee of Russian Foreign Ministry

    A representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry was denied entry to The Czech Republic, RBC news agency reported, citing the Russian embassy in Prague. The unnamed diplomat was a member of the delegation that arrived to participate in the meeting of the intergovernmental commission. The Russian was informed of the refusal at the airport in Prague, on March 4.

    The Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic stated that Prague’s steps were unfriendly and inconsistent with the nature of relationship …

  • Czech Republic to send a mechanized battalion to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps

    The Czech Republic will send a mechanized battalion to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, said the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Republic, Lieutenant General Aleš Opata on Friday.

    "The Czech Republic will send 800 servicemen and 200 units of equipment to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps that can deploy within 30 days.” He explained that the Czech Republic is sending a mechanized ground forces battalion.

    The project of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps was discussed in Brussels on …

  • NATO may consider deploying missiles in Czech Republic in response to Russia's violation of INF treaty

    The Czech Minister of Defense Lubomir Metnar stated that he does not rule out the possibility that NATO might soon return to discussions about deploying missiles on the territory of the Czech Republic. 

    In his opinion, the issue will be discussed in six months, when a decision will be made regarding the termination of the Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missile treaty (INF) between the USA and Russia. 

    “It is possible that after the treaty ends, the security situation will deteriorate. I …

  • Czech Republic investigates its citizens’ involvement in Donbas war

    The Czech Republic is investigating the involvement of at least 10 of its citizens in combat in support of the so-called Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics (LPR & DPR) in eastern Ukraine.

    The Czech news outlet Denik N reported that a Czech by the name of Pavel K traveled to the Donbas through Russia at 22 years of age, and stayed there between the summer of 2015 and May 2016.

    The news outlet would not disclose the suspects’ names or cities of origin before the trial, in order to protect …

  • Klimkin: Foreign Ministers of Denmark and the Chezch Republic to visit Donbas

    At a press conference on Friday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin announced that the Foreign Ministers of Denmark and the Czech Republic are going to visit the Donbas in late January.  

    “At the end of this month, we will have another strong group of our friends, ministers of foreign affairs. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, who will visit Mariupol and the Ukrainian Donbas and inform of their visit at the next meeting of the ministers of foreign affair of the European Union,” …

  • Media: Czech Republic intends to expel Russian diplomats for espionage

    The Czech authorities can drastically reduce the number of Russian diplomats in the country due to Russia’s “massive espionage.” According to the Bild newspaper, Prague determined that in 2016 and 2017, Russia carried out cyber-attacks against the Czech Foreign and Defense Ministries. As a result, a large portion of Czech officials’ personal data was leaked. The government’s communication systems were also threatened.

    The hacker groups ATP28 and Fancy Bear, both with ties to Russia, are …

  • Czech Republic is unhappy with Ukraine's law recognizing OUN and UPA veterans as fighters for independence

    The President of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman "publicly called on Prague to officially protest against the glorification of Ukraine's war criminals,” his representative Jiří Ovčáček wrote on Twitter, Radio Svoboda reports. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, particularly its head, Tomáš Petříček ‘fearfully keeps silent’ regarding the glorification of Bandera’s followers in Ukraine,” the statement said.

    Petříček responded to Ovčáček’s statement by saying he would discuss …

  • Czech Republic uncovers a network of Russian Special Service agents

    The Security Information Service of the Czech Republic, also called Bezpečnostní Informační Služba or BIS, announced that in the last five years they have exposed dozens of Russian and Chinese spies. BIS Director Michal Koudelka said that BIS have also uncovered  an entire espionage network belonging to Russian Special Services.

    “We had an extremely successful period of cooperation with Czech security forces and foreign partners,” he stated. According to the Director of the Czech Security …

  • Czech Republic accuses Russia of cyber-attacks against its Foreign Ministry

    The Security Information Service (BIS) of the Czech Republic annual report published on Monday states that Russia’s intelligence services were behind last year's cyber-attacks targeting the Czech Foreign Ministry. Attackers broke into Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) information systems and got access to over 150 employees email addresses, copying letters and attachments to them.

    According to the document, the responsibility for two separate attacks on the country's Foreign Ministry …

  • Kerch crisis: Visegrad Four support Ukraine

    The foreign ministers of the countries comprising the Visegrad Four – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, have expressed their support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine by condemning the situation surrounding the Kerch crisis, Radio Liberty reports.

    According to the Slovak Foreign Ministry, during the discussion of the problem, “the strong support of all four ministers of the four countries was voiced for the territorial integrity of Ukraine in the dispute …