President Dodon: Putin agreed to allow supply of Moldovan goods to Russia through Ukraine

Moldovan President Igor Dodon announced that he had reached an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin to supply Moldovan goods to Russia through Ukraine starting on January 31.

“I think this is the most important agreement that all our producers have been waiting for because all producers of wine, canned food and other products from the Republic of Moldova were subject to these restrictions from January 1. Today we have solved this, and I think it is a great achievement,” the Moldovan President said as quoted by TASS.

Dodon noted that Moldovan producers faced additional costs because of the need to bypass Ukraine in response to Russia’s ban on the import of transit goods from Ukraine imposed from January 1. Dodon has already complained to Putin that the document signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was detrimental to Moldova.

Apart from trade problems, the Moldovan President said he discussed with Putin economic and humanitarian cooperation between their countries and Transnistria. He noted that he is happy to start his international visits with Russia this year.

“It shows a good level of dialogue between our countries. It confirms that our strategic partnership will continue to develop,” he concluded.

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