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  • Ukrainian companies, including Roshen, supply products to unrecognized Transdniestria

    The Ukrainian offices of well-known global brands, including the company Roshen, are supplying their products to the unrecognized Transdniestria. This was referred to in an investigation by journalists from the Moldovan publication RISE Moldova.

    According to the investigation, the Ukrainian branches of Coca-Cola and Nestle, as well as President Petro Poroshenko’s company Roshen, are among the largest exporters of goods to the Moldovan Transdniestrian Republic. Their main trading partner is the …

  • Moldova enacts law banning Russian propaganda

    On Monday, a law went into effect in Moldova that prohibits television channels from showing Russian news and informational-analytical programs, as announced by the chairman of the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (Consiliul Coordonator al Audiovizualului - CCA) Dragos Vicol, reports

    According to him, the 30-day period – a formality – was up on February 11. “But according to Article 265 of the Civil Code, if the date falls on a day off, then the law goes into force on the next …

  • President Dodon condemned Moldovan parliament for anti-Russian declaration

    Moldovan President, Igor Dodon, criticized the Republic’s Parliament for adopting a declaration in which Russia is accused of interfering in the country’s “information security.”

    In his opinion, “all these systematic and intentional provocations are aimed at forcing Russian to take equivalent actions against our country.”

    He also added, “I really hope that today’s hasty decisions won’t have serious impact on our relations with Russia.”

    As previously reported, the Moldovan parliament adopted …

  • Moldovan President Dodon: Ukraine can help to find a compromise in the Transnistria conflict

    Moldovan President Igor Dodon believes that Ukraine can help his country find a compromise in resolving the issue of Transnistria, as he stated in an interview with Radio Liberty.

    "Kyiv is an important partner in the 5 + 2 format, which was very active on this issue. Of course, a lot will depend on Ukraine's position," Dodon said, but did not specify exactly how Kyiv could assist.

    He also admitted that during his Presidency he had no contact with his Ukrainian counterpart, and when asked …

  • 11 villages in Moldova want to join Romania

    The authorities of eleven villages in Moldova adopted a symbolic "declaration of union with Romania," Newsmaker reports. They became participants in the campaign for the unification of Moldova and Romania, organized by the Unionist platform Acţiunea 2012.

    The activists expect that by the 100th anniversary of the reunification of Romania, which is likely to be in 2018, this declaration will be adopted in a hundred Moldovan settlements. For now, 11 Moldovan villages have documented their desire …

  • President Dodon intends to punish officials that favor the unification of Moldova and Romania

    The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon is convening an emergency meeting of the Supreme Security Council where he wants to punish the local public administration counselors that signed the symbolic "declarations on Moldova's Union with Romania," Ukrinform reports.

    "The actions of local counselors take place against the background of the unprecedented campaign aimed at undermining the statehood, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova. These campaigns are …

  • Moldovan government endorses introducing phrase 'European integration' in the Constitution

    The Moldovan Government supports the introduction of a Constitutional article on the country’s European aspirations, as stated in a message on the website of the Government of Moldova.

    "Today the Cabinet of Ministers expressed a favorable opinion on the legislative initiative to amend the Constitution to highlight the country's European integration aspirations and promote the Republic of Moldova’s orientation towards the European democratic value space," the report said.

    The Ministers …

  • Russia conducts military exercises in Transdniestria

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova expressed indignation at the Russian military conducting regular military exercises in the territory of Transdniestria, as stated in comments by the foreign ministry.

    “According to information published on the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, an operational group of Russian troops stationed in the Transdniestrian region of Moldova is again conducting military exercises, the purpose of which is …

  • Russian writer denied entry to Moldova

    TASS reported that according to the Moldovan Border Police, the famed Russian novelist Dmitry Miropolsky was denied entry into Moldova. Raisa Novitchi, a spokesperson from the Border Police stated, “The incident has occurred. We’re ascertaining the reasons for what happened, which we will share later."

    According to the writer himself, the border police claimed to refuse his entry because he had not confirmed the purpose of his visit to the country. Miropolsky was slated to deliver a lecture on …

  • Russian journalists flying in to interview President Dodon denied entry to Moldova

    In Moldova, border guards did not let the crew of the Russian television channel RTVI that arrived in the country to interview the president, Igor Dodon. According to the website of the channel, RTVI employees arrived in Chisinau on a flight from Moscow on the evening of January 23rd.

    The visit was approved by the presidential administration. "Despite the fact that the journalists showed the border guards an official invitation from the President of the country and a letter from RTVI …