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  • Greece refuses to issue visas to Russian pilgrims

    Russian pilgrims have difficulty obtaining visas to visit the Greek Athos peninsula, reported the Govorit Moskva of (Moscow Speaking) radio station.

     “There is already a problem and it is not even related to church. The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not issue visas not only to servants of the Russian Orthodox Church but also to pilgrims to visit Athos,” said the representative of the St. Andrew Foundation.

    In order to go to Athos, pilgrims had to obtain Italian visas and Catholics …

  • Kremlin: Putin to visit Paris in November

    In November Russian President Vladimir Putin is heading to Paris, where he will attend a ceremony commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the end of the first world war.

    “We plan on flying to Paris on November 11th. We will take part in the ceremony at the Champs Elysees fields,” Putin’s foreign policy adviser, Yuri Ushakov, said on October 16th.

    The ceremony will be attended by other heads of state, including US President Donald Trump who confirmed his attendance at the event.

    Answering a …

  • Netanyahu: Friendship with Putin is important for Israel’s safety

    A friendly relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin is important for Israel’s safety, stated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reports the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

    He noted that he supports “frequent friendly contact” with Putin which is marked with “mutual respect.”

    “This relationship is important for the safety of Israel,” stated the prime minister.

    It was also reported that earlier Putin and Netanyahu scheduled their first meeting since the incident on September 17th, …

  • Putin prohibits 'foreign agents' from looking for corruption in Russia

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that prohibits independent anti-corruption inspections of   legislative acts and their projects i.e. citizens with an unexpunged or unspent conviction and non-profit organizations deemed as “foreign agents”.

    Interfax reported that the law “is aimed at improving the legal regulation of independent anti-corruption inspections”.

    “International and foreign organizations no longer have an opportunity to conduct inspections. Citizens who were dismissed …

  • Kremlin invites Kim Jong-un to Russia

    The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov confirmed that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un received an invitation to visit Russia, reports Interfax.

    “Russian officials have invited the North Korean leader to visit Russia. The dates and place will be agreed via diplomatic channels, "- said Kremlin’s representative.

    Earlier, the Russian newspaper Izvestia, citing an informed diplomatic source in South Korea, reported that the North Korean leader is likely to visit Russia. “ …

  • Putin wishes Maduro success as inflation in Venezuela reaches 1,000,000%

    Russian President Vladimir Putin wished success to Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, whose second term began in the midst of a severe economic crisis, as well as shortage of currency and hyperinflation.

    As reported by TASS, at the ceremony of receiving credentials from new ambassadors, Putin wished success to Venezuela in stabilizing the situation in the country.

     “We sincerely wish success to the leadership of the country, our friends in Venezuela and all the people in this country in …

  • Putin says Russia plans to create one of the best anti-doping systems

    Russia is determined to create one of the best anti-doping systems, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the international forum Russia – Sports Power in Ulyanovsk, reported the website of the Kremlin.

    The president said that a national plan has been developed and is being implemented for this purpose. “We consider this a matter of principle both for Russia and the entire world,” Putin said.

     “We have seen failures in our anti-doping system but I want to note that these are not solely our …

  • Putin prepares for military campaign in Libya

    Inspired by the military campaign in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to assist another ally, this time in Libya.

    Russia has already begun to deploy special forces and GRU troops with orders to train personnel for Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar, a Libyan military leader who opposes the government supported by the UN, US and EU.

    Under the guise of the Wagner Private Military Company, Russia has established military bases in Tobruk and Benghazi on Libya’s north-east coast, and …

  • Putin’s ratings plummet due to unpopular pension reform

    In under a year, Russians’ faith in their president Vladimir Putin has fallen by 20 percentage points, Levada Center reports. In November last year before the start of the presidential election campaign, this figure was 59%, but by September 2018 it had dropped to 39%. In the period between June and September, he lost 9 percentage points. The distrust rating simultaneously grew from 7% to 13%.

    The pension reform and socio-economic issues have affected the population’s faith in all office- …

  • Polish Foreign Minister: meeting between Putin and Duda is possible

    Polish President Andrzej Duda can meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, stated the Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz in an interview for the newspaper Kommersant.

    “I am sure that the meetings between our leaders should take place. First, the meetings should be well prepared at the interdepartmental level," he said. Czaputowicz noted that despite consultations at the level of deputy foreign ministers, they cannot yet organize even a meeting of the Foreign Ministers. This is …