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  • Passersby with whom Putin talked in St. Petersburg turned out to be extras

    Accidental passersby, with whom Russian President Vladimir Putin talked during his visit to St. Petersburg on February 19, turned out to be extras, picked from among government officials, employees of the "troll factory" and graduates of the "School of young politician", reported Radio Liberty.

    The Russian service of the BBC investigated the footage of the meeting, during which a resident of St. Petersburg asked Putin how to live on a pension of 10,800 rubles ($137 USD) and found more than ten …

  • Kremlin: Putin started working remotely

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to carry out his duties remotely, the Kremlin's press service said on Wednesday after the head of the country's main hospital announced that he was tested positive for coronavirus after meeting with Putin

    Denis Protsenko, who met with Putin last week when the Russian President visited the Kommunarka hospital in Moscow, said on Tuesday that he was infected with coronavirus but was doing well.

    "The president now prefers to work remotely," Kremlin …

  • Kremlin: Putin has not asked Trump to lift sanctions against Russia

    President Vladimir Putin has not asked US President Donald Trump to lift sanctions imposed on Russia, said the Russian President's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, as cited by TASS.

    On March 30, Trump suggested before a phone conversation with Putin that the Russian leader would ask him to lift U.S. sanctions, AFP reported. "He's been asking for it for two years," Trump said.

    When asked by reporters whether Putin had asked for the sanctions to be lifted, Peskov said: "No, it's not so."

    On …

  • Putin to postpone indefinitely vote on Constitution

    President Vladimir Putin, in an address to the nation, will announce the postponement of the vote on amendments to the Constitution, which was scheduled for April 22, reports RBC news agency, citing two unnamed sources familiar with the preparation.

    “At present, it is not clear exactly how the situation with the spread of coronavirus will develop, so it is not possible to determine a new date,” explained another source familiar with the issue. “It is legally possible to move the date from …

  • Kremlin: self-quarantine restrictions do not apply to Putin

    The rule to observe the self-isolation regime for people over 65 years of age, introduced in Moscow and the Moscow region, does not apply to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

    "Work is work, especially the work of the president," Peskov said, noting that it is outside the criteria specified in the restrictive measures.

    In addition, the president does not live in his apartment in Moscow, but in the state residence, Peskov said. "More often than …

  • Russian Defense Minister meets with Assad in Syria at Putin’s request

    Russian Su-35Sfighter jets escorted Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu’s aircraft into Syrian airspace to provide security, stated the Russian Defense Ministry, as quoted by RBC news agency. Shoygu made a working visit to Syria at the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In Damascus, the minister was met by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    During the talks, they discussed ensuring the ceasefire in the Idlib de-escalation zone and military-technical cooperation between Russia and …

  • Putin's nephew wants to create new party to run in the Russian parliamentary elections

    Vladimir Putin's nephew, businessman and former FSB employee Roman Putin plans to create his own party to participate in the elections to the Russian Peraliement, the State Duma, reports the Russian newspaper Kommersant, citing its sources.

    It is expected that the party will be founded on the basis of the "People of action" movement, which is headed by Roman Putin.

    According to Putin, the movement was founded in February and has already gathered 16,000 supporters in 45 regions. The movement's …

  • ‘Putin’s chef’ intends to sue US authorities for $50 billion

    Concord, which is owned by Evgeny Prigozhin, a close associate of Vladimir Putin, is preparing a lawsuit against the U.S. authorities, accusing them of illegal prosecution and sanctions. According to Prigozhin’s statement, which was published by Concord’s press service, the amount of the lawsuit is $50 billion

    The businessman's statement comes after the U.S. Department of Justice asked the court to drop charges against Russian companies Concord Management and Consulting and Concord Catering, …

  • Putin: We don’t care about Western sanctions

    Russia lost about $50 billion as a result of Western sanctions, but was able to earn it back, said Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with TASS

    "I don't care about them, these sanctions. So, according to various estimates, we lost about 50 billion, but we earned the same amount back," he said.

    According to Putin, these are not small losses, but sanctions have forced the country to "turn on its brains."

    "We spent quite a lot of money on the so-called import substitution and …

  • Putin’s sniper found dead in Moscow

    A Federal Protective Service (FSO) sniper from the presidential guard was found dead in Moscow. A 24-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the head and died at the scene, reports the telegram channel Baza.

    The body of the deceased FSO serviceman was discovered by an acquaintance, who came to check on him because the person had not been in touch for several days. The door of the apartment was locked from inside, so the man had to climb through the kitchen window. There, on the kitchen floor, …