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  • Poroshenko expects Moldovan President Dodon to recognize the annexation of Crimea as illegal

    On August 28, at the meeting with the leaders of foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko announced on August 28 that he expects the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon to recognize Russia’s annexation of the Crimea as illegal.

    “We now have very fruitful relations at the intergovernmental level. The Moldovan President is well aware of my expectations regarding clear support of the independence of our state, including the Crimea. We expect a firm …

  • President Dodon condemned Moldovan parliament for anti-Russian declaration

    Moldovan President, Igor Dodon, criticized the Republic’s Parliament for adopting a declaration in which Russia is accused of interfering in the country’s “information security.”

    In his opinion, “all these systematic and intentional provocations are aimed at forcing Russian to take equivalent actions against our country.”

    He also added, “I really hope that today’s hasty decisions won’t have serious impact on our relations with Russia.”

    As previously reported, the Moldovan parliament adopted …

  • Moldovan President Dodon: Ukraine can help to find a compromise in the Transnistria conflict

    Moldovan President Igor Dodon believes that Ukraine can help his country find a compromise in resolving the issue of Transnistria, as he stated in an interview with Radio Liberty.

    "Kyiv is an important partner in the 5 + 2 format, which was very active on this issue. Of course, a lot will depend on Ukraine's position," Dodon said, but did not specify exactly how Kyiv could assist.

    He also admitted that during his Presidency he had no contact with his Ukrainian counterpart, and when asked …

  • President Dodon intends to punish officials that favor the unification of Moldova and Romania

    The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon is convening an emergency meeting of the Supreme Security Council where he wants to punish the local public administration counselors that signed the symbolic "declarations on Moldova's Union with Romania," Ukrinform reports.

    "The actions of local counselors take place against the background of the unprecedented campaign aimed at undermining the statehood, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova. These campaigns are …

  • Moldovan parliament approves the bill banning Russian news broadcasts

    On December 22, the Moldovan parliament voted again for the bill banning Russian propaganda, which the country's president, Igor Dodon had previously refused to sign, reported news website.

    Maxim Lebedinsky, the Moldovan president’s legal advisor said that this project is contrary to the Constitution and has nothing to do with ensuring the information security of the country. He also stated that the provisions of the document contradicted the European Convention on Human Rights.

    " …

  • Moldovan government approves the change of official language to Romanian

    The Moldovan government approved a bill to amend the Constitution and change the official language from Moldovan to Romanian, Interfax reports.

    According to the bill, it was proposed to replace the phrase in the 13th article of the Constitution that says “Moldovan language functioning on the basis of Latin writing” with “Romanian language.”

    None of the members of the government were opposed to the initiative.

    On December 5, 2013, the Constitutional Court of Moldova ruled that the state …

  • Moldovan President Dodon promises Putin that he will not pass anti-Russian laws

    Moldovan President Igor Dodon discussed his last meeting with Vladimir Putin on his Facebook page. According to Dodon, he promised the Russian president that he will not adopt laws directed against Russia.

    Dodon confirmed that the development of bilateral ties between Moscow and Chisinau was continuing "in spite of the provocations of the government and the parliamentary majority" of Moldova, who are in opposition to the President.

    Speaking about the meeting in Facebook, Dodon stressed that …

  • Russian President Putin and Moldovan President Dodon met in Sochi

    On October 10th, Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with Moldovan President Igor Dodon while staying at his residence, Bocharov Ruchey, in Sochi. This was the sixth meeting of the presidents this year. The first was held in January, previous to that, the heads of the two countries had not met for nine years. 

    At the beginning of the talks, Putin noted that he highly appreciates Dodon's efforts to normalize Russian-Moldovan relations, although "the process is not going smoothly," as …

  • Moldovan President: certain forces in the West are interested in involving Russia in the conflict in Transnistria

    The escalation of the conflict in Transnistria benefits Western forces who may wish to involve Russia in the crisis. This opinion was voiced on Saturday by Moldovan President Igor Dodon on Rossiya 24 TV channel.

    “The destabilization of the situation in this region would be interesting for someone in the West trying to drag Russia into some kind of conflict here. But I, as the President of the Republic of Moldova, will do everything possible to ensure that there is no destabilization,” he said. …