Moldova denies entry to Russian TV journalists

Moldova’s border police have denied entry to the film crews of Russian NTV and Russia-1 TV channels on an assignment to interview President Igor Dodon, stated the press service of the Moldovan President.

“We strongly condemn these actions and deem them as a new provocation against our partner, the Russian Federation, and as a clear restriction of journalists’ access to information,” the report said. The press service of the Moldovan Border Police told Interfax that the journalists did not provide the purpose of their visit and the length of their stay in the country, so they were sent back to Moscow.

In February, the Moldovan Foreign Ministry asked the government to withdraw the ambassador from Russia, after Moscow, according to the ministry’s position, did not provide Chisinau with information about Moldovan pilots who had been released from Afghan captivity and headed for Russia. Dodon had stressed that only the president was authorized to call the ambassador back and he refuses to do so. Later, the Moldovan Foreign Ministry complained to the UN about Russia's actions.

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