Moldovan Parliament threatens to dismiss President Dodon from office

The Moldovan Parliament may suspend President Dodon, stated Moldovan Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu, reported  DW.

Candu said that the deputies may adopt a corresponding resolution by the end of this year, despite the fact that their four-year mandate expired on November 30.

The speaker added that after the expiration of powers, the parliament has no right to pass laws, but it can pass resolutions.

"Parliament will not have to pass a law to suspend the president, since this can be done by a decision of the legislative body," Candu said.

Candu said that the decision to dismiss Dodon from office is due to the violation of Constitution by him and his refusal to sign five laws adopted by the parliament.

Candu referred to Article 89, “In the event the President of the Republic of Moldova commits certain actions infringing upon the constitutional provisions, he/she shall be dismissed from office by the Parliament based on a majority vote of two thirds of it’s the parliament members.”

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