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  • NATO approves creation of two new command centers

    NATO Defense Ministers approved the decision to create two new command structures, as stated by Jens Stoltenberg, General Secretary of NATO, at a press conference in Brussels. Stoltenberg said, “We decided to modernize NATO's command structure. The security environment in Europe has changed, and NATO responds."

    NATO will create a new command center for the United Forces for the Atlantic to protect the sea lanes between North America and Europe. The other new command center will support …

  • Large European delegation to arrive in the Crimea in April

    A large delegation of European politicians, notably from Germany and Austria, will arrive in April in annexed Crimea. Andrei Nazarov, the head of the fund board YIEF said that they would participate in the Yalta International Economic Forum or YIEF.

    He added, "The largest delegation from Germany and Austria is planning to visit the upcoming YIEF. More than 50 politicians, businessmen, public figures and experts will take part in business and cultural events of the forum."

    According to Nazarov, …

  • Ukrainian president proposes that Europe create a coalition ‘to combat Russia’s aggression’

    European countries should create a new coalition to combat “Russia’s aggression,” as Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated on his Facebook page.

    “Today we are in a situation where Russia has launched an undeclared war against all of us. That is why, given this situation, we should think about new coalitions, new programs or approaches,” the Ukrainian President wrote. The question of responding to Russia’s actions in Europe was raised by Poroshenko during the session “Central and Eastern …

  • Belgian Ambassador in Kyiv: Ukraine is on the front line in defense of European values

    At the 7th National Expert Forum organized by the Gorshenin Institute, the Belgian Ambassador to Ukraine, Luc Jacobs said that Ukraine is on the frontline protecting European values.

    “The European Union is not an economic project, it is not a club, and certainly not a golf club. This is a political project about values, principles, democratization, human rights, and above all, avoiding a situation in which a conflict may arise. We should not take peace for granted, and Ukraine demonstrates …

  • Polish Minister of Internal Affairs calls for Muslim migrants to be barred from entering Europe

    Polish Interior minister Mariusz Blaszczak said that the terrorist attacks in Europe continue because of the “policy of multiculturalism” and “a departure from the roots of European civilization - Christianity.”

    According to the newspaper Rzeczpospolita, in Blaszczak’s opinion, the threat of attacks from radical Muslims is “a fact, not an incident,” and the political correctness of the countries of Europe “brings bad results.”

    The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that Poland …

  • Ukrainian MP: U.S. and EU advised Ukraine not to fight against Russia during the annexation of Crimea

    Representatives of the United States and Europe recommended Ukraine not to enter armed conflict with Russia and not to declare martial law during the seizure of the Crimea by Russia in 2014.

    This was stated by the then-acting head of the presidential administration, Sergei Pashinsky, on channel "112 Ukraine" while answering a question about whether the EU and U.S. had really advised not to defend the Crimea.

    "The Americans and Europeans recommended our country not to engage in an armed …

  • Merkel: ability to demonstrate strength and readiness for dialogue are needed in relations with Russia

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that NATO must combine a demonstration of power with a readiness for dialogue in relations with Russia, Deutsche Welle reported.

    The annexation of the Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine have caused concern among the Baltic countries and Poland, and the situation in Moldova raises questions in Romania and Bulgaria, Merkel said in a weekly video message on Saturday, May 6.

    According to the Federal Chancellor, it was important to these countries …

  • Three European countries have accelerated the procedure for issuing visas to homosexuals from Russia’s republic Chechnya

    The embassies of three European states have decided to expedite the issuance of visas to the residents of Chechnya that the Republic's authorities are persecuting because of their homosexuality, as reported by Meduza news outlet citing the head of the council of the "Russian LGBT Network", Tatiana Vinnichenko. She did not specify which countries are involved, fearing that representatives from Chechen diasporas could threaten the asylum seekers.

    In addition, Vinnichenko said that two meetings …

  • Newest U.S. fighters will be deployed in Europe

    The U.S. Air Force will deploy a small number of F-35A Lightning II fighters in Europe in the next two days. They, along with other U.S. and NATO aircraft, will be used for several weeks for pre-deployment training within the framework of the European Reassurance Initiative program, as reported by the US Department of Defense.

    According to the press service of the U.S. Department of Defense, the deployment of these fighters for training marks an important milestone and a logical next step in …

  • European Commission: Putin is dividing Europe by supporting the ultra-right

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is supporting ultra-right parties in order to divide Europe. It was for this purpose that he received Marine Le Pen, a candidate for the presidency of France and leader of the National Front, at the Kremlin.

    First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans stated this in Madrid, reports RTBF news agency.

    "The reason why Putin supports the ultra-right in Europe is that he knows how it weakens and divides us," he said. "If the EU is divided, it …