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  • Ukrainian President: Nord Stream 2 must be stopped

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has stressed the necessity of stopping the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project from being realized.

    “Nord Stream 2 is not an economic project, it will harm European unity and must be stopped,” the president tweeted.

    As Ukrinform reports, at a joint press conference with Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, Poroshenko said that Ukraine is prepared to give every guarantee concerning the reliability and effectiveness of gas transit through Ukraine.

    “Ukraine …

  • Ukrainian President Poroshenko says he believes in a close relationship with Europe in the future

    "I truly believe in Ukraine's close relationship with Europe in the future," Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated, congratulating Ukrainians during the Day of Europe festivities in Vinnytsa.

    Poroshenko emphasized that there have been extraordinary changes in the last 4 years, and in the last year alone, Ukraine has become very close to Europe.

    The President noted that in the last year, the “EU Association Agreement entered into force on September 1, 2017 and was ratified by all 28 EU …

  • Merkel: Europe cannot rely on US military assistance

    Europe can no longer rely on military assistance from the US, German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes, as reported by Interfax.

    According to her, the countries of Europe need to see to their defense independently.

    “It is no longer the case that the US will simply protect us. It’s time for Europeans to take their fate into their own hands,” she said during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in the German city of Aachen.

    According to the German Chancellor, there are major global …

  • Kyiv: growing Russian influence on Hungary threatens all of Europe

    Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Vasyl Bodnar expressed his concern regarding the growth of Russia's influence on Hungary.

    "Politically, I can assume that Moscow's influence on Budapest is, unfortunately, growing and that this is a threat not only to Kyiv but also to Europe, to NATO unity and to the understanding of how Russia acts in a hybrid way," said Vasyl Bodnar in an interview with Radio Liberty.

    According to Bodnar, Hungary is using its NATO membership to pressure Ukraine in the …

  • As tensions with Russia rise Europe decides to equip roads and bridges to accommodate tanks

    The European Union plans to facilitate the movement of soldiers and military equipment between individual member countries. These measures are in response to worsening relations with Russia.

    To this end, plans are being made to simplify border formalities and equip roads, bridges and railroads for the transport of tanks and other heavy equipment. This was stated in the European Commission’s plan, which was presented on Wednesday, March 28 in Brussels, reports Deutsche Welle.

    According to this …

  • Ukraine received 26.5 mln cubic meters of gas from Europe since the beginning of March

    During the first four days of March, Ukraine received 26.5 million cubic meters of natural gas from European Union countries, as announced by the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry.

    The Ministry specified that 17 million cubic metres was obtained from Slovakia, 7 million cubic meters from Hungary, and 2.5 million cubic meters from Poland.

    As reported, on March 2nd, the National Joint-Stock company, Naftogaz of Ukraine and the Polish company, PGNiG signed a contract for the urgent …

  • Lavrov: USA prepares Europe to use nuclear weapons against Russia

    As stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the conference on Disarmament, the US military is preparing non-nuclear NATO countries to use tactical nuclear weapons against Russia.

    "Nuclear disarmament is hindered by the remaining presence of US non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe and the accompanying destabilizing practice of "joint nuclear missions." Within the framework of these missions, NATO’s non-nuclear countries are in blatant violation of the non-proliferation treaty as …

  • NATO approves creation of two new command centers

    NATO Defense Ministers approved the decision to create two new command structures, as stated by Jens Stoltenberg, General Secretary of NATO, at a press conference in Brussels. Stoltenberg said, “We decided to modernize NATO's command structure. The security environment in Europe has changed, and NATO responds."

    NATO will create a new command center for the United Forces for the Atlantic to protect the sea lanes between North America and Europe. The other new command center will support …

  • Large European delegation to arrive in the Crimea in April

    A large delegation of European politicians, notably from Germany and Austria, will arrive in April in annexed Crimea. Andrei Nazarov, the head of the fund board YIEF said that they would participate in the Yalta International Economic Forum or YIEF.

    He added, "The largest delegation from Germany and Austria is planning to visit the upcoming YIEF. More than 50 politicians, businessmen, public figures and experts will take part in business and cultural events of the forum."

    According to Nazarov, …

  • Ukrainian president proposes that Europe create a coalition ‘to combat Russia’s aggression’

    European countries should create a new coalition to combat “Russia’s aggression,” as Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated on his Facebook page.

    “Today we are in a situation where Russia has launched an undeclared war against all of us. That is why, given this situation, we should think about new coalitions, new programs or approaches,” the Ukrainian President wrote. The question of responding to Russia’s actions in Europe was raised by Poroshenko during the session “Central and Eastern …