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  • EU ready to allocate funds to Ukraine for improvement of transport connection with Mariupol

    The European Union is ready to finance the improvement of the transport connection between Mariupol and the rest of Ukraine, reported the press service of the the Ministry of Infrastructure after the meeting between Ukraine's infrastructure minister Volodymyr Omelyan and EU Ambassador Hugues Mingarelli.

    Mingarelli said that Brussels is ready to support the projects for the improvement of the Zaporizhia-Mariupol railway link and the construction of the Mariupol-Mykolaiv freeway.

    Kyiv and the …

  • Two employees of Lithuanian air base accused of spying for Russia

    In Lithuania, two former employees of the Šiauliai Air Base of the country's Air Forces spied for the Russian Federation, reported BNS new agency.

    The NATO Air Force squadron is located at this air base. The investigation found that the employees of the Šiauliai military base made photocopies of official documents and other closed but non-classified data under the instruction of the Russian intelligence services from the fall of 2014.

    Both former employees of the air base pleaded guilty to …

  • UK urges Ukraine to amend law on demining Donbas

    The UK urges the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to urgently make amendments to the new law on demining, and to allow donors to directly fund the organizations that carry out mine clearance activity, British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough wrote in a blog post on Ukrayinska Pravda.

    According to her, the international efforts to demine Ukraine could break down if the Verkhovna Rada does not quickly make amendments to the new law on demining.

    “At the end of last year, the international community …

  • Kremlin comments on American B-52 flight close to Russia

    Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the presence of American bombers in Europe and their flights close to Russia’s borders are causing increased tension in the region.

    “Such actions by the US do not lead to reinforced security and stability in this region, which is directly adjacent to Russia’s borders,” Peskov said, adding that “from a military and tactical perspective, this matter should be commented on by military specialists”.

    Early on 21 March, the Russian Defense Ministry  …

  • Russian ambassador summoned by Czech Foreign Ministry as apartment scandal grows

    The Russian Ambassador in the Czech Republic, Aleksandr Zmeievsky, was summoned to the the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, reported the newspaper Deník N.

    According to the newspaper, Zmeievsky was summoned by the Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Smolke, who is responsible for legal and consular affairs, and who for the third week is dealing with the issues involving properties used by Russian diplomats in Prague.

    A day earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry made a presentation …

  • Latvia shuts down Russian Crimea annexation exhibition

    After an objection by the Ukrainian Embassy in Latvia, an exhibition on the fifth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea organized by the Russian Consulate General in Daugavpils has been shut down, the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform reports, citing the Ukrainian Embassy in Riga.

    “The Ukrainian Embassy expresses its gratitude to the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its objective appraisal and rapid response to the situation with the provocative exhibition by the Russian Consulate …

  • Head of Naftogaz: Gazprom cancelling gas transit through Ukraine

    Gazprom has started the process of officially notifying the countries bordering Ukraine that the transit of gas through the territory of Ukraine will stop from the beginning of next year, Head of Naftogaz Andriy Kobolyev said in an interview with RBC Ukraine.

    “Gazprom is already officially notifying the countries that border Ukraine or are dependent on our transit that there will be no transit of gas from the beginning of 2020,” Kobolyev said without citing any sources.

    In March, the …

  • Ukrainian President to discuss 'June package' of sanctions against Russia with EU leaders

    President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, said that he will discuss the "June package" of sanctions against Russia with the leadership of the European Union, reports Radio Liberty.

    "We will discuss the June package of sanctions," Poroshenko told journalists in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

    Representatives of the European Union have not yet commented on Poroshenko’s statements.

    Earlier, Petro Poroshenko, by his own decree, approved the National Security and Defense Council decision to impose …

  • Putin calls on British businesses to help boost Russian economy

    At a meeting with major British business representatives on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the senior corporate managers to participate in projects to speed up the Russian economy.

    Putin said that in the next few years, Russia plans to invest “hundreds of billions of dollars in the development of the most important sectors of the economy and social sphere”.

    “I didn’t misspeak, we are talking about investing hundreds of billions of dollars,” the Russian president told the …

  • Ukraine imposes new sanctions on Russia

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has enacted a decision by the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) from 19 March 2019 “On the use, revocation and introduction of amendments to the personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)”.

    Sanctions have been placed on 294 legal and 848 physical entities, among them Oleksandr Yanukovych’s MAKO Holding, EN+ Group and a number of companies linked to Oleg Deripaska, and the companies Power Machines and Stroytransgaz.

    The …