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  • Poroshenko claims to have sold all businesses there were buyers for

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that over the last five years he has sold all of the businesses for which there were buyers.

    “Wherever there was a buyer, even if they didn’t have the money now or if it had to be paid off over many years, I sold my assets. This was the case with Kuznya na Rybalskomu. There is a new owner, the relevant decisions have been made,” Poroshenko told journalists in the press center of the Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kyiv at an event that was supposed to be a …

  • Media: Russia behind cyberattack on the Spanish Defense Ministry

    The Russian cyber espionage group Fancy Bear is behind a cyber-attack on the internal network of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, which was reported in late March.

    According to the newspaper El Español, the Spanish authorities believe that Russia and hackers associated with it are the "foreign power" behind the attack.

    The investigators reached this conclusion by analyzing the cybercriminals’ methods and finding in them the “Russian trace”. In particular, similar attacks were carried out …

  • Ukraine thanks Poland for refusing Russia’s sailboat Sedov entry into its waters

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Pavlo Klimkin, in his microblog on Twitter thanked Poland for the decision to ban the Russian training sailboat Sedov from entering its territorial waters.

    “Thanks to the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki for the decision to refuse the Russian sailboat Sedov to enter the territorial waters of the country,” wrote Klimkin.

    The Ukrainian minister noted that Crimea is the territory of Ukraine and stressed that Russia "must be held responsible for its illegal …

  • Russia promises to respond to NATO actions in the Black Sea

    Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Grushko, told journalists that Russia has a negative perceptioinof NATO’s increasing activity in the Black Sea, and will take the necessary response measures, reports TASS.

    “We will, of course, take all the necessary measures to neutralize the threats associated with NATO’s increased activity in the region,” said Grushko. According to him, NATO’s actions undermine regional stability.

    He added that security in the region should be ensured …

  • Germany to provide 85 million euros to Ukraine to help internally displaced persons

    Germany decided to allocate 85 million euros to help internally displaced persons in Ukraine, announced President Poroshenko at a joint briefing with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    “This decision of the German government is a sign of support to our country, and I thank Mrs. Chancellor for the allocation of 85 million euros, which will be used to construct housing for temporarily displaced persons and to develop infrastructure in the east of Ukraine. We appreciate it very much,” Poroshenko …

  • Volker: US does not endorse either candidate in Ukraine’s presidential elections

    The United States does not endorse any candidate in Ukraine’s presidential elections, but it supports certain principles, said US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker in a video message at the Kyiv Security Forum, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

    “We congratulate the Ukrainian nation on the successfully held first round of presidential elections. We wish you success in the holding of the second round of presidential elections, and parliamentary elections in autumn. Traditionally the US does …

  • Estonia denies Russian sailing ship entry into territorial waters because of Crimean cadets on board

    Estonia has banned the Russian sailing ship Sedov from entering its territorial waters, because there are cadets from the Kerch State Marine Technological University, which is located in the annexed Crimea, on board the ship, reports EER.

    According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, the admission of the ship would be contrary to the policy of non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea. “Estonia does not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea and, in our opinion, issuing a …

  • DPR 'ambassador' to France arrested for pimping

    Hubert Fayard, head of an organization that purports to be the Official Embassy of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in France, has been arrested on suspicion of pimping, according to reports in the Russian media and by the French news outlet Le Monde.

    Fayard was arrested in Marseille on 2 April, charged on 4 April, and is now being held in custody in Aix-Luynes.

    No official details about Fayard’s illicit activity have been released, although one source in legal system mentioned “girls from …

  • Lithuanian ambassador recalled from Russia for consultations

    On Thursday, March 11, the Baltic News Service (BNS) reported Lithuania’s decision to recall its ambassador to Russia, Remigijus Motuzas, for consultations. One of the reasons was the threats directed at Motuzas, after Vilnius District Court found former Soviet Union Minister of Defense, Dmitry Yazov, and a number of other Russians citizens guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity for their role in the case of January 13, 1991 events. Then, during the clashes following the Soviet army …

  • Shell to withdraw from Gazprom’s Baltic LNG project

    The British-Dutch company Shell plans to withdraw from the Baltic liquefied natural gas (LNG) project following Gazprom’s decision to integrate it with a gas processing plant in Ust-Luga, announced Shell Russia Chairman Cederic Cremers in a statement.

    “Following Gazprom’s announcement on 29 March regarding the final development concept of Baltic LNG, we have decided to stop our involvement in this project. We have a number of other ongoing projects with Gazprom, including as part of the …