Polish Foreign Ministry supports idea of ​​Germany's payment of military reparations to Poland

The Polish Foreign Ministry, like most Poles, would like Poland to be reimbursed for losses incurred during the Second World War, stated the head of the department, Witold Waszczykowski, reports Interia.pl.

On Thursday, the Polish media honed in on Deputy Foreign Minister Marek Magierowski 's response to a question about whether the government would continue to demand war reparations. The Deputy Minister said that Poland refused military reparations from Germany in 1953, that the Polish government confirmed this in 2004, and that since that time the position of the government has not changed.

However, Witold Waszczykowski stated that this answer does not mean that the Polish Foreign Ministry has a definite position on the matter of reparations. He recalled that Poland's positions in 1953 and 2004 had been adopted in "other circumstances" and they now have to be carefully analyzed.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, like most Poles, would like Poland to be reimbursed for damages incurred during the Second World War. It is obvious. And there is no one in the Foreign Ministry who would disagree with this.  All that remains is the issue of how to do this, and when", the minister said.

Polish authorities are considering a demand on Germany to pay reparations in connection with Poland’s losses during the Second World War.

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