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  • Poland reduces its reparation claims to Germany by $300 billion

    The head of the reparations commission of the Polish Sejm, Arkadiusz Mularczyk, said during a speech in Parliament that Germany should pay Poland more than $543 billion in compensation for damage caused during the Second World War, the Polish news agency PAP reports.

    "In 1990, the sum was $284 billion. However, if we revalue taking into account the purchasing power of the dollar in 2017, then we ... get $543 billion," the politician said.

    In an earlier interview with Rzeczpospolita, Mularczyk …

  • Poland announces plan to recover $850 billion in reparations from Germany

    Polish authorities estimated the damage inflicted on the country by the Wehrmacht troops during the Second World War at $850 billion and intend to recover this amount from Germany. According to Rzeczpospolita, the head of the reparations commission of the Sejm, Arkadiusz Mularczyk said that the commission will report to the government this year on the amount of reimbursements that Poland could demand from Germany.

    According to Mularczyk, $850 billion is a reasonable amount that will compensate …

  • Kaczynski: Poland is actively analyzing the possibility of German reparations for World War II

    Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the Polish ruling party “Law and Justice” said that the potential Polish initiative on demanding reparations from Germany for World War II is being intensely analyzed, as reported by Polskie Radio.

    When asked whether Law and Justice aims to start negotiations with the German government on reparations, Kaczyński said that the party "does not rule out such an option," however he added that "there is another possibility… this can be done through American courts." …

  • Poland creates parliamentary committee for World War II reparations from Germany

    The Polish Sejm created a committee which will work on Germany's payment of reparations for World War II, Polish news agency PAP reports.

    We want to start work in the Polish parliament, which aims to analyze the amount of compensation that Germany must pay to Poland, and we want to clearly understand the legal paths or options for implementing these requirements," MP from the ruling PiS (Law and Justice) party Arkadiusz Mularczyk said.

    The first meeting of the group will be held during the …

  • Berlin calls Polish demands for the payment of reparations groundless

    Germany has refused to pay Poland additional reparations for damages inflicted during the Second World War. "From the point of view of the federal government, there is no basis for and legal effectiveness in questioning the refusal of reparations in 1953," said official German government official Steffen Seibert, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

    According to Seibert, Germany has already been held accountable for the "unthinkable crimes" committed by the Nazis during the war. In addition, …

  • Warsaw: Poland can demand war reparations from Russia

    Poland may demand war reparations from the Russian Federation, as stated by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Patryk Jaki, Radio Poland reports. "Russia should be responsible for what they did to Poland," Jaki said.

    At the same time, a Deputy from the ruling Law and Justice party, Jan Mosinski, explained that the matter concerns payments under the Riga Treaty of 1921. According to this document, Poland was to be paid 30 million rubles in gold, but this amount was never transferred to Poland. …

  • Berlin: Poland has no legal grounds for war reparations from Germany

    Poland has no legal basis for demanding reparations from Germany for damage caused during the Second World War, according to an expert opinion prepared by the analytical service of the Bundestag, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) newspaper reported on Friday, September 1.

    As stated in the document, all claims became null and void at as of the signing of the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany or the "2 + 4" agreement in 1990, "since Poland did not claim reparations by …

  • Polish Foreign Ministry supports idea of ​​Germany's payment of military reparations to Poland

    The Polish Foreign Ministry, like most Poles, would like Poland to be reimbursed for losses incurred during the Second World War, stated the head of the department, Witold Waszczykowski, reports

    On Thursday, the Polish media honed in on Deputy Foreign Minister Marek Magierowski 's response to a question about whether the government would continue to demand war reparations. The Deputy Minister said that Poland refused military reparations from Germany in 1953, that the Polish …

  • Polls shows that most Polish citizens support demanding reparations from Germany

    Most Poles believe that Germany must pay compensation for the damage caused to Poland during World War II, as indicated by the results of a recent Ipsos poll, Polskie Radio reports.

    According to the poll, 31% of respondents expressed the opposite opinion, and 6% were undecided.

    Sixty-eight percent of respondents answered positively when asked: "Do you think the Germans should pay Poland compensation for the crimes of genocide committed by them against the Polish nation during the Second World …

  • Poland intends to demand reparations from Germany for World War II

    Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz said that Germany should pay Poland reparations for material damage and crimes against Poles committed in 1939-1945, reported Radio Poland, citing an interview by Macierewicz on TVPInfo.

    As noted by Macierewicz, Poland de facto never renounced its claim toward the Germany, which began on September 1, 1939 with military aggression against Poland, and which continued with the occupation of Polish territory for almost five years.

    "It's not true that the …