Poland reduces its reparation claims to Germany by $300 billion

The head of the reparations commission of the Polish Sejm, Arkadiusz Mularczyk, said during a speech in Parliament that Germany should pay Poland more than $543 billion in compensation for damage caused during the Second World War, the Polish news agency PAP reports.

"In 1990, the sum was $284 billion. However, if we revalue taking into account the purchasing power of the dollar in 2017, then we ... get $543 billion," the politician said.

In an earlier interview with Rzeczpospolita, Mularczyk had called for a different amount: $850 billion. He said then that he considered it “large but fair compensation for damage caused by war crimes, the destruction of cities and villages, and also the loss of country demographic potential during the Second World War."

Former Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło has spoken in favor of receiving compensation from Germany. In her opinion, Poland "has the right to payment of reparations, and the Polish government may send a corresponding demand to Germany."

Berlin has asserted that Germany does not intend to make such payments to Poland and has called claims for such payments unreasonable.

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