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  • On the fifth anniversary of Crimea's annexation Poland pledges continued support to Ukraine

    On the fifth anniversary of the Crimea’s annexation, Poland expresses its support to Ukraine and Ukrainians who live in the Crimea, wrote the Polish Embassy to Ukraine on Twitter.

    Polish diplomats stressed that forcible change of the borders should not be allowed. "Poland and Poles remember Ukraine and its citizens who remained in annexed Crimea. We will not stop our efforts to return Ukraine's territorial integrity. We cannot allow the forcible change of state borders to be legalized,” the …

  • German Foreign Minister: Russia's annexation of Crimea a ‘fatal violation of international law’

    On the anniversary of the Crimea’s annexation by Russia, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas deplored Russia’s actions in the peninsula. “This fatal violation of law is now in its fifth year. Russia tried to shift boundaries by resorting to military force. Those who act like this destroy trust and put in question basic principles of peaceful coexistence,” Maas stated on Twitter.

    Earlier, the Foreign Ministry of the Czech Republic stated that although the Crimea has been annexed by Russia, it is …

  • Denmark refuses to authorize Nord Stream 2

    Denmark is threatening to make things difficult for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. Russia has already laid one third of the pipeline alongside this small Scandinavian country, but Denmark has still not given permission for construction. Experts are predicting that Russia will lose its temper, because the delays are causing huge unforeseen costs. Denmark, on the other hand, is struggling to decide who to side with – neighboring Germany or the powerful US.

    The political fears …

  • Russia sets conditions for the continuation of gas transit through Ukraine

    Russia has linked the continuation of gas transit through Ukraine to EU countries with Kyiv implementing a number of conditions. Among other things, the signing of a new agreement depends on the stability of the political situation, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Luxemburger Wort newspaper, published on Tuesday, March 5th, on the official page of the Russian government.

    According to Medvedev, it is also necessary to regulate relations between companies interested in …

  • German Defense Minister: Chinese missiles threaten Russia

    The German Minister of Defense, Ursula von der Leyen stated that Chinese missiles represent a threat to Russia, so Moscow should be interested in involving China in a new disarmament treaty, Focus reports.

    The head of the German Defense Ministry said that Chinese medium-range missiles could easily reach Russian territory.

    “Just as Russian missiles pose a threat to Europe, Chinese missiles pose a threat to Russia,” she emphasized.

    According to von der Leyen, the only way to maintain security …

  • Nephew of Kremlin propagandist Kiselev sentenced in Germany

    The nephew of the host of “News of the Week” program, Dmitry Kiselev was sentenced at a German court. According to RTVi, Sergey Kiselev was sentenced to a prison term for participating in hostilities in the Donbas.

    Kiselev Jr., who is a German citizen, was accused of preparing “a serious crime against the Ukrainian government,” as well as a violation of the law on weapons possession.

    According to investigators, in 2014, Kiselev underwent combat training in St. Petersburg. He then used the …

  • Nephew of Kremlin propagandist tried in German court for taking part in Donbas war

    Nephew of Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselev is being tried in court in Munich Germany. Dmitry Kiselev’s relative, Sergei Kiselev, is accused of planning to participate in combat actions in the Donbas, writes RTVI.

    According to the investigation, in the summer of 2014, the accused began military training in a training camp in St Petersburg, to prepare to join the DPR (Donets People’s Republic) militants in the Donbas.

    He planned to go the territories of Ukraine which are not under the Kyiv’s …

  • Germany confiscates money and houses worth €50 million in Russian money laundering case

    German law enforcement agencies confiscated real estate and cash worth a total of 50 million euros in one of the largest money laundering cases in history. 

    The property seizure is related to the investigation into a money laundering the scheme, called "Laundromat" or "Russian laundry", through which $ 22 billion were withdrawn from Russia via banks in Latvia and Moldova, reports Deutsche Welle. 

    Munich law enforcement agencies are investigating three suspects who own 40 million euros in real …

  • Germany demands extradition of Assad's associate from Lebanon

    Berlin has asked Beirut to extradite Jamil Hassan, former head of Syria’s Air Force Intelligence, Der Spiegel reported on Sunday 17 February. German Public Prosecutor Peter Frank has accused Hassan of crimes against humanity, systematic torture and the killing of prisoners.

    The German public prosecution office believes that Hassan is currently undergoing medical treatment in Lebanon. According to Der Spiegel, Berlin understands that Beirut is unlikely to extradite one of Bashar al-Assad’s …

  • Lavrov: Russia has no artificial deadlines for peace treaty with Japan

    Russia is not setting itself any “artificial deadlines” for signing a peace treaty with Japan, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the end of the 55th Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

    “Russia has no artificial deadlines whatsoever. We are calmly explaining to our Japanese colleagues that nothing of the sort can be planned,” he said. “We will proceed on the basis of the 1956 Declaration.”

    “This stipulates an incontestable first step towards signing a peace treaty,” the …