Warsaw: Poland can demand war reparations from Russia

Poland may demand war reparations from the Russian Federation, as stated by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Patryk Jaki, Radio Poland reports. "Russia should be responsible for what they did to Poland," Jaki said.

At the same time, a Deputy from the ruling Law and Justice party, Jan Mosinski, explained that the matter concerns payments under the Riga Treaty of 1921. According to this document, Poland was to be paid 30 million rubles in gold, but this amount was never transferred to Poland.

Earlier the Prime Minister of Poland declared the right of the country to receive reparations from Germany for the damage inflicted during World War II. However, Germany, referring to the expert opinion of the analytical service of the Bundestag, noted that they do not see grounds for the payment of reparations to Poland.

In particular, Germany refers to the fact that the claims became invalid after the signing of the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany in 1990, in the course of which Poland did not file claims for reparations.

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