German politician warns of the danger of a conflict between Russia and the United States

The Coordinator for Intersocietal Cooperation with Russia, Central Asia and the Eastern Partnership Countries, Gernot Erler, warned the United States and Russia against a possible military confrontation in Syria. "We are seeing a profound alienation between Russia and the West, and it is becoming more dangerous," the German politician said on Sunday, October 16, 2016 on the Berlin Direkt program on the socio-legal TV channel ZDF.

As Erler said, there are serious discussions being carried out in the United States about the possibility of direct military intervention in the Syrian conflict. At the ame time Russia signed a law authorizing an indefinite deployment of Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria. "It is absolutely clear what this means. We can no longer rule out military confrontation between the United States and the Russian Federation," the politician said.

The Kremlin, according to him, acts more and more unpredictably. Russia does not consider other countries and is pursuing a strategy aimed at military confrontation.

A week before this speech, Erler had warned against the introduction of new sanctions against Moscow due to the war in Syria. In his opinion, the economic sanctions "will not advance us a single step." A similar opinion was shared by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn. "I don't know how sanctions will bring a lasting peace in Syria," Asselborn said in an interview with Tagesspiegel.

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