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  • Two Russian officers killed in Syria

    Two military advisers from Russia have been killed in Syria: Captain Evgeny Konstantinov and Major Aleksander Skladan, commander of the reconnaissance battalion, as reported by RBC news outlet, citing Sergei Minko, the Chairman of the regional branch of “Boevoe Bratstvo” (“Military Brotherhood”) in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia.

    In Minko’s words, the retreating Syrian army left the Russian military alone with the enemy.

    “The Syrian army stopped providing covering fire, and retreated. …

  • Russia: it is clear that the US can strike at will in Syria

    The statement by the American officials that the US will not repeat the attacks on Syria if there is no threat to the American forces shows that the Pentagon has reserved the right to do so at any time, as stated by the First Deputy of the Federation Council on Defense and Security Committee, Franz Klintsevich, to journalists.

    "Any military person will tell you that the term ' threat ' has a broad interpretation. This means that the Americans reserve the right to hit Syria at any time. The …

  • Russian authorities sentence a soldier for an incident in Syria

    On Friday, Kommersant newspaper reported on the first sentence given to a soldier of the Russian army who had participated in the military operation in Syria, citing a source closely involved in the legal proceedings. According to the publication, this concerns the military contractor, private Artem Hilko, who was charged with losing an automatic weapon.

    According to the publication, the sentence was given by the Moscow Military District Court, but the legal proceedings were closed to the …

  • Free Syrian Army withdraws from negotiations in Geneva

    Representatives of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are suspending their work in the delegation of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) due to the absence of progress in the conflict resolution process. This was announced in a statement distributed by FSA representatives on Thursday.

    “The reason for the suspension of our participation in the Geneva talks is the lack of strategic vision for the negotiation process,” the announcement states.

    The FSA represents the largest united armed opposition …

  • Russian media: the US completes the first delivery of weapons and armor to Syrian Democratic Forces

    On the evening of May 11, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), including the Kurdish People's Self-Defense units (YPG and YPJ), received  the first delivery of weapons  and armor from the United States, RIA Novosti news agency reported citing its source in SDF.

    The delivery was made following the decree signed by the US President Donald Trump allowing the supply of heavy weapons to SDF and Kurdish Self-Defense forces.

    "Last night, after US president Donald Trump decided to supply us with …

  • Kremlin: the US participation in the de-escalation zones in Syria is possible only with the permission of Assad’s government

    Russia's TASS news agency reported that the participation of the United States in monitoring the de-escalation zones in Syria will only be possible with the consent of Damascus, as stated by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

    "It is too early to talk about it, because, of course, all of this should be coordinated with the Syrian side, because Syria is a sovereign country, it has the leadership, so of course it is necessary to consult with them, to have their consent," he said, …

  • Russia denies execution of its soldier by ISIS in Syria

    The Russian Ministry of Defense refuted the claim that ISIS terrorists had captured and executed a Russian soldier in Syria, Interfax reports.

    “All military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces group in Syria are alive, healthy, and are carrying out tasks in the fight against international terrorism within their subdivisions,” the Russian Defense Ministry stated.

    The Russian Defense ministry condemned “the actions of the independent media, which regularly circulates the information output of …

  • Putin awards officers of Russian Special Forces for ‘outstanding service in Syria’

    Officers from the Russian Special Forces were given awards for their participation in operations in Syria. The commander of the group was given “The hero of Russia” award, Russia-24 news channel reported.

    The channel showed four people standing with their backs to the camera. One of them, the commander, told the reporters that the group of 16 Russian Special Forces commandos had entered a battle with “300 terrorist fighters”.

    "Without any losses, we had the upper hand thanks to our position …

  • Syrian Foreign Minister: UN observers will not be given access to de-escalation zones in Syria

    Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Muallem ruled out the participation of the United Nations observers in the de-escalation zones established by Russia, Turkey and Iran, RIA Novosti reports.

    "There will be no international forces under the auspices of the United Nations. Russia, as the guarantor country, explained that military police forces and monitoring centers will be established in those zones. The United Nations or any international forces will have no role in these zones", said …

  • Russia publishes memorandum on the establishment of security zones in Syria

    The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a memorandum on the establishment of de-escalation zones in Syria, which was adopted on May 4th at a meeting in Astana. According to the document, armed conflict must be stopped in the zones located on the line of contact between the forces of Bashar Al-Assad and the opposition troops.

    The memorandum consists of six items. The first point defines the de-escalation zones. They will be located in the province of Idlib and in some parts of the …