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  • Israeli jets strike Syrian army near Golan Heights

    Israeli warplanes bombed the Syrian Army in the Golan Heights this evening after Israel accused Assad’s forces of shelling the Israeli territory, Al Masdaq news agency reports.

    According to the reports of the Syrian Army’s 90th Brigade, an Israeli aircraft struck the positions of the Syrian Army near the town of Qaws Al-Sandiyanah located south of Harfa.

    The agency reports that as a result of the Israeli airstrike, the Syrian Army’s 130mm artillery gun was destroyed. No casualties have been …

  • Syria invites Russia to build railway to Palmyra deposits

    During a bilateral meeting of Syrian and Russian diplomats and officials which took place last week in Sochi as part of the Syrian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission, Syria approached Russian Railways (RZD) and other Russian companies with several projects to develop Syria’s transport infrastructure, as stated by Najib Faris, director of Syria’s railway department, RBC news agency reports.

    “We offered the company RZD a project to reestablish the railway traffic line from Tartus, through Homs, …

  • Kremlin: Russia will not reduce its military presence after completion of the operation in Syria

    After the completion of the main phase of the military operation in Syria, Russia will not reduce its military presence there, stated in Moscow on Tuesday, October 17, the first deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Frants Klintsevich.

    “We will have a military base there, and there is hardly any need for a reduction. There are 34 aircraft, there is no sense in removing them,” he said.

    On October 16, during the meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor …

  • Russian private military contractor who fought in eastern Ukraine killed in Syria

    Russian Roman Solnyshkov, known as Solntse (The Sun), who previously fought in the Donbas, was killed in Syria, where he went as a military contractor hired by the Wagner private military company.

    It is reported that previously Solnyshkov served in eastern Ukraine in separatist Sparta battalion under the command of Arsen Pavlov (aka Motorola).

    Twitter user, Necro Mancer, confirmed the death of Roman Solnyshkov.

    "Solnyshkov Roman Viktorovich, known as Solntse (The Sun), was killed in Syria in …

  • Russia to test new Mi-28UB helicopter in Syria

    Russia plans to send its new Mi-28UB helicopter (with dual control) to Syria for testing, said Andrey Boginsky, CEO of Russian Helicopters.

    “Today the Mi-28H has a pilot and an operator, and the primary goal and task of the upgrade is to make it combat training-ready, such that the helicopter can be controlled from either of the cabins. We would like these helicopters [Mi-28UB] to undergo their kind of testing here [in Syria],” he said during an interview for Zvezda’s Voyennaya Priyomka ( …

  • Syria demands that Turkey withdraw its troops

    Speaker of the Syrian Parliament Hamoudeh Sabbagh said that Damascus demands the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Turkish troops from the country.

    Speaking at the plenary session of the Assembly of the International Parliamentary Union in St. Petersburg, he noted that a large number of military vehicles and ambulances had been moved to the region of the Turkish province of Hatay. The Turkish General Staff announced the beginning of a reconnaissance operation in Idlib, Syrian, which is …

  • Russia buries another soldier killed in Syria

    Death of another Russian soldier killed in Syrian has been reported on Russian social media.

    26-year-old Azat Nurullin has been buried in Kazan. It is reported that he went to Syria in the end of August as part of Russian private military company Wagner group.

    According to his friends he was killed by a sniper in the Province of Homs in the end of September. His body was brought back to Russia on October 6.

    There has been no official confirmation about the death from the Russian ministry of …

  • Russian MPs to visit Syria

    A delegation of MPs from the State Duma intends to visit Syria, State Duma Spokesperson Vyacheslav Volodin told reporters at a briefing in Saint Petersburg, RBC news agency reported.

    Volodin said that the Duma delegation’s trip, which he personally intends to lead, could take place “during the first half of next year”. “There has been an invitation, and it has been accepted,” Volodin emphasized.

    The State Duma spokesperson said that on Friday, October 13, on the sidelines of the Assembly of …

  • Putin calls on international community to think about rebuilding Syria

    The international community should already be thinking about rebuilding Syria after the war, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the opening of the Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Saint Petersburg.

    “I think that the international community should already think about the post-war restoration of the state, about how, in what formats and what quantities to assist it and other countries in the region, how to promote more effectively their socio-economic development and enhance …

  • Syria demands that Turkish troops leave Idlib

    The Syrian authorities demanded that Turkey immediately withdraw its military units from the north of the country, reports the Syrian state news agency SANA with a reference to an official source in the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The Syrian Foreign Ministry states that "the current [Turkish] aggression has nothing to do with the Astana arrangements between the guarantor countries", SANA reports.

    According to Syrian authorities the deployment of Turkish troops in Idlib showed a close …