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  • Su-57 fighters show up in Syria to advertise Russia’s weaponry

    Two prototypes of the Russian-produced Su-57 fifth generation fighter have been sent to Syria, presumably to show off Russia’s weaponry, writes the newspaper of the Russian Defense Ministry Krasnaya Zvezda.

    According to the periodical, this was the “first demonstration of the latest Russian combat aircraft under real war conditions”.

    “The demonstration was clearly intended to attract foreign attention, including from potential buyers,” the news outlet remarks.

    Krasnaya Zvezda assumes that …

  • Russia and Syria accused of attacking Turkish forces

    Russian and Syrian aircraft have conducted more than 15 airstrikes against the Syrian provinces of Hama and Idlib, even hitting a Turkish observation point, Al-Masdar News reports, citing its own sources.

    The attacks caused significant damage to the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group and the Syrian Free Army, which are backed by Turkey. The Turkish observation point under construction at the town of Sheir Magher was also damaged in one of the airstrikes, although no one was reportedly injured or …

  • Putin: Russia understands Turkey’s concern regarding Syria

    At the end of a visit by the Turkish president to Russia on Tuesday August 27, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a joint press conference. The leaders drew special attention to one of the key topics discussed in Zhukovsky.

    “We believe that at this stage we need to focus on stabilizing the situation in Syria ‘on the ground’ and advance the political resolution process in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254,” Putin told the press.

    The Russian head of state said that …

  • Erdogan arrives in Moscow for talks with Putin on Syria

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has arrived in Moscow in an attempt to overcome growing differences between the two countries over Syria.

    Turkey wants Russia o end support for Assad's forces in Idlib province.

    Last week, Erdogan warned that Syrian government offensives in Idlib on armed groups of Assad's opponents posed a threat to Turkey's national security.

    Last September, an agreement was signed in Sochi between Moscow and Ankara, which prevented the Assad regime's offensive in …

  • Russia raises concern about Israel’s attack on Lebanon

    Russia is alarmed by the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East following an Israeli drone strike on the Hezbollah party’s press center in Lebanon, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    “Moscow is seriously concerned by the further escalation of tension in this region,” the Russian foreign policy department observed. “Russia has repeatedly pointed out the danger of such actions in the critically tense regional atmosphere, and warned that they could lead to a large-scale …

  • Media: Russian military and Hezbollah behind major drug trafficking in Middle East

    Russia has complete control over the Syrian coast, and Russian officers together with Hezbollah monopolize the drug smuggling route in the Middle East, writes the Lebanese news outlet Al Modon.

    The drugs come from the Lebanese province of Beqaa to the Syrian Port of Latakia, Assad’s bodyguards get “something” from the Lebanese militants, take the bags to the port and hand them over to the Russians, who load them onto ships and send them, presumably, to Russia or China.

    The Syrian president’s “ …

  • Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria

    The Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes on Iranian drones in Syria on Saturday evening, August 24, reported the press service of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) .

    According to the Israeli military, these drones were equipped with explosives and Iran wanted to attack the north of Israel using these drones.

    "The Israeli Air Force was able to thwart an attempt by Iran," led by Syrian forces, to attack targets in northern Israel using "killer drones,"" Israeli army spokesman Jonathan …

  • Erdogan complains to Putin about Assad

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that the fighting in Idlib threatens Turkey's national security, reports Anadolu News Agency.

    The Turkish president noted that the escalation of the conflict in Idlib also undermines the possibility of a peaceful settlement. In his opinion, the actions of Assad’s army lead to a humanitarian disaster. Erdogan and Putin also discussed the Russian-Turkish relations and the situation in Libya.

    Earlier, it became known …

  • Secret Syrian deal between Russia and Turkey uncovered

    Russia and Turkey have signed secret agreements regarding Syria. Confirmation of this was given in Turkish parliament, reports the Russian news outlet Ünal Çeviköz, vice president of the primary opposition force in the country – the Republican People’s Party – has obtained documents confirming that closed-door agreements have been signed between the countries. Moscow has supposedly agreed to allow forces loyal to Turkey to attack the Kurdish armed groups.

    Çeviköz managed to get …

  • Turkish army held up by Russian Air Forces near the Syrian city of Khan Shaykhun

    A Turkish military convoy at Maarat al-Numan, Syria, has been unable to move further south due to an operation being carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces on the international road to Khan Shaykhun, a Syria TV correspondent reported. The Turkish troops were reportedly banned from using any military transport in this region.

    The channel’s sources say that the Turkish military convoy is trying to establish a new observation point near the city of Khan Shaykhun in order to take control of …