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  • Media: US intends to establish diplomatic ties with regions controlled by Syrian opposition

    In the near future, the United States intends to take a series of steps aimed at establishing a diplomatic recognition of regions controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria , reports the Arabic news agency Asharq Al-Awsat, referring to a statement made by a high-ranking Western representative.

    According to the source, it is a region to the east of the Euphrates River, the area which covers approximately 24 thousand square kilometers and is three times bigger than the territory …

  • Russian airbase in Syria comes under drone attack

    Russian airbase in Khmeimim came under attack by makeshift drones, reports Directorate 4 Telegram channel.

    Several drones were reportedly shot down by the Russian military. The damage caused by the attack is not known. However, multiple makeshift drones carrying explosives can break into the perimeter of the base and drop their loads on the equipment stored outdoors.

    Ahrar Al-Alawi(Alawite rebels) group took responsibility for the recent attacks on the Russian airbase. The group  vowed to …

  • Russian media: mortars used in bombardment of Russian airbase in Syria were brought from Turkey

    The Russian military base in Syrian Khmeimim was shelled using an 82-millimeter automatic mortar Vasilek (Cornflower), writes Russian newspaper Vestnik Mordovii (Herald of Mordovia) quoting military experts.

    The mortar has a small weight (just over 630 kilograms) that allows to place it, for example, in a minivan, and high rate of fire (up to 120 shots per minute). Vasilek can fire in single and automatic mode using four-round clips. It can use high-explosive, armor-piercing and smoke shells, …

  • Kremlin accuses the US of involvement in the attack on Khmeimim military base in Syria

    The attack on the Khmeimim air base in Syria was a result of the failure of the Syrian military and the increased activity of the American special services that are “working with the militants”, as stated by the first deputy chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Federation Council, Franz Klintsevich, during a broadcast of NSN news.

    "This only happened because our troops were withdrawn, and there were just enough of them left to keep the military base functioning. What was …

  • Turchynov calls Russia’s actions in Syria a 'shameful farce'

    The “victory” of the Russian Federation in Syria has turned into a shameful farce, says Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov,  as reported on the National Security and Defense Council’s website.

    Turchynov said that on December 31, Russian troops in Syria suffered more losses than during any other time of the entire military operation.

    According to him, at least four Su-24 bombers, two Su-35S fighter aircraft, an An-72 military transport …

  • Russian Defense Ministry denies destruction of seven aircraft but admits bombardment of airbase in Syria

    The Russian Ministry of Defense denied reports of the destruction of seven Russian aircraft at the Khmeimim Airbase in Syria. At the same time, they acknowledged that the base was bombarded on December 31, and two Russian servicemen were killed as a result.

    “The report in Kommersant about the alleged ‘actual destruction’ of seven Russian military aircraft at the Khmeimim Airbase is fake. On December 31, 2017, at the onset of darkness, the Khmeimim airfield was subjected to sudden mortar …

  • Russia sends flying hospital to Syria

    In the sky near the Syrian city of Latakia, witnesses saw an Il-76MD “Scalpel-MT” flying military hospital. On January 3, photographer Ahmad Alfarwi posted a photo of the aircraft on his Facebook page.The only airport near Latakia is Khmeimim in Syria, which has been a Russian airbase since 2015.

    The flying military hospital has reanimation, operating, consulting, and diagnostic units, as well as ultrasound equipment, an X-ray machine, an electrocardiogram lab, and a blood lab. If necessary, …

  • Russian helicopter crashes in Syria

    Citing the Ministry of Defense, the RIA Novosti news agency reports that a MI-24 helicopter crashed in Syria while flying from the Khmeimim base to the Hama region. Both of the vehicle’s pilots were killed.

    A flight mechanic was also on board the helicopter. He was injured, and was evacuated by the search and rescue team on Khmeimim airbase.

    The Department of Defense reported that the incident occurred on December 31. They stressed that the helicopter was not shot at, and that a technical …

  • Media: Russia loses seven aircraft after mortar attack on Khmeimim airbase in Syria

    On the last day of 2017, militants in Syria launched a mortar attack on the Russian airbase in Khmeimim. Moscow lost four Su-24 bombers, two Su-35S fighters, and an An-72 transport aircraft, as reported by the newspaper Kommersant, citing two military-diplomatic sources. The newspaper added that more than ten servicemen may have been wounded.

    The newspaper called it “one of the most serious incidents” during the entire time of the Russian operation in Syria. Kommersant’s sources did not …

  • Putin promises Assad that Russia will continue to support Syria

    Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a New Year's greeting to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, in which he expressed the hope that the radical changes in the gradual reconstruction of the country caused by the armed conflict would continue in Syria in the coming year, the Kremlin's press-service reports.

    Putin noted that the victory over the terrorists and the prompt normalization of the situation in Syria served the interests of peace and security throughout the Middle East. In addition, he …