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  • Netanyahu: Israel prepared to attack Syrian army

    Israel is prepared to attack not only Iranian forces in Syria, but also the Syrian army itself, stated Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in London on Thursday.

    “I think [Syrian President Bashar] Assad should take the following seriously. Now that the war with ISIS is over, and he [Assad] has called on Iran and allows it to attack Israel from the territory of Syria, his regime is no longer safe,” news agency France-Presse quoted Netanyahu as saying.

    “His regime is not immune. If he …

  • Surrender without a fight: Kurds abandon Syrian Manbij

    The military advisors of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have withdrawn from the Syrian city of Manbij. This was reported in a YPG statement distributed by the Kurdish news agency Firat on June 6. The YPG is leaving the city in accordance with a US-Turkey agreement reached on June 4.

    “At the request of the military council of Manbij, a group of military instructors from our forces remained as advisers, this took place in coordination with the international coalition… Now, after two …

  • Georgia cuts diplomatic ties with Syria

    Georgia has officially broken off diplomatic relations with Syria. Earlier Tbilisi said that it intended to do so, after Damascus recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

    The press service of Georgia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Georgia’s permanent representative to the UN has informed the UN secretary-general of the decision.

    Georgia explained that its decision was due to the the Syrian government’s decision to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, in …

  • U.S. and Turkey agree on a stabilization plan in Syrian Manbij

    The U.S. and Turkey approved a road map for stabilizing the situation in the Syrian city of Manbij, as reported in a statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

    It was noted that the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed their commitment to continue the joint fight against terrorism in the region, and also reviewed the recommendations of the Turkish-American Working Group on Syria.

    “They approved the road map and stressed their …

  • Stoltenberg: NATO will not help Israel in the event of an attack by Iran

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated in an interview with Der Spiegel that NATO will not help Israel in the event of armed conflict with Iran. Stoltenberg noted that NATO cannot provide Israel with full security guarantees, since the country is not a member of the organization, although it remains a partner of the alliance.  Stoltenberg stressed that the Alliance does not participate in the settlement process in the Middle East. “This is not our job,” he stated. However, he …

  • Assad plans to visit North Korea

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad expressed his intention to make an official visit North Korea and hold a meeting with the country's leader Kim Jong Un, reports the South Korean agency Yonhap.

    "I am determined to visit the DPRK in the future and to meet with the Supreme leader, Kim Jong Jong," said Assad while receiving the credentials of the new ambassadors.

    The Syrian president also noted that, thanks to the policy of the leader of the DPRK, the Korean peninsula has seen positive changes.

    " …

  • Media: no agreement reached between Israel and Russia on deployment of Syrian troops near Israeli border

    Israel and Russia have not reached agreement on the withdrawal of Iranian forces from the Syrian southwestern border with Israel, reports the newspaper Times of Israel with reference to Israeli officials.

    Senior Israeli official also told Kaan TV Channel that Israel is negotiating this issue both with the Russians and the US and wants to achieve the removal of Iranian forces from all of Syria, not just the south.

    Earlier, the Israeli media, in particular Channel 10, reported that Israel …

  • Damascus demands the US withdraw from Syria

    Damascus stated that the US must withdraw from Syria.  “Presence of the US in Syria is illegal. The Americans must leave the military base that they established in the town of al-Tanf,” stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Syria, Walid Muallem, at a press conference in Damascus, Mehr News Agency reports.

    "Do not believe the statements about the security agreement in southern Syria until the United States withdraws its troops from the al-Tanf," the minister said.

    Muallem thanked Iran for …

  • Putin and Netanyahu discuss situation in Syria

    Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the telephone with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,reported the press service of the Kremlin.

    “As a continuation of the talks that took place on May 9 in Moscow, several aspects of the situation in Syria were discussed,” the statement said. The leaders also discussed current issues on a joint agenda.

    Netanyahu visited Moscow in early May and attended the Victory Day parade. During the talks with Putin, the situation in Syria was discussed. …

  • Georgia: Russia directed Syria to recognize the independence of Georgian regions

    Tbilisi says that Russia is behind Syria’s acknowledgment of the independence of the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

    “It’s a pity that as a result of Russian manipulation, the Assad regime accepted this decision,” the Georgian Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze said on May 30. He explained that in response to the recognition of the independence of the Georgian regions by Damascus, Tbilisi has already started procedures for breaking diplomatic relations with Syria.

    On May 29, …