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  • Russian and Turkish representatives meet in Ankara to discuss situation in Syrian Idlib

    Russian and Turkish delegations held talks in Ankara on the situation in Syria's Idlib, and also discussed joint steps to advance the political process in Syria, reported the NTV TV channel citing the statement of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    "Three-hour talks of inter-ministerial delegations led by Deputy Foreign Ministers of Turkey and Russia Sedat Onal and Sergey Vershinin with the participation of the Russian President's Special Representative for the Syrian Settlement …

  • Russia sends out military patrols without Turkey again in Syria

    For the second time this week, Turkish soldiers have not joined their Russian colleagues in the joint patrolling of Syria, said Major General Yury Borenkov, director of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria, as cited by Russia’s Defense Ministry website.

    According to Borenkov, because Turkey did not show up, Russian troops patrolled Syria’s Al-Hasakah region independently. The Russian military police has also continued to patrol the Aleppo province. Borenkov noted that the patrols took …

  • Russia accuses Israel of nearly shooting down passenger plane during air attack on Syria

    The Russian Defense Ministry accused its Israeli counterparts of creating a dangerous situation in which a passenger plane came under fire when it was about to land at Damascus airport.

    “This was an airplane on the route from Tehran to Damascus. There were 172 passengers on board at the time of the attack, “ Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.

    According to the general, on the night of Thursday, February 6, four Israeli F-16 fighter jets unexpectedly struck the suburbs of …

  • Kremlin reports ‘tragic death of Russian soldiers’ in Syria

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has released a statement reporting the “tragic death of Russian and Turkish soldiers” in Syria’s Idlib province.

    “Between December 2019 and January 2020, terrorists from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham who had captured the de-escalation zone initiated their aggressive forays into and attacks against the positions of the Syrian government forces in the neighboring cities, especially Aleppo. In December 2019, we documented more than 1,400 militant attacks using tanks, machine …

  • Russian media: Four FSB officers were killed near Latakia where Turkey and Syria were meant to meet for negotiations

    Four officers of the Special Forces Directorate of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) – Bulat Akhmatyanov, Ruslan Gimadiev, Dmitry Minov and Vsevolod Trofimov – were killed on February 1 not in combat near Aleppo, as reported previously, but on the outskirts of Latakia. It was there that senior leaders of Turkey and Syria were planning to meet, and Russia was assisting with security. Sources told Novaya Gazeta that the attack may have been provocative in nature.

    According to the sources, …

  • Russia and Turkey stop joint patrolling in Syria

    The joint patrolling of northern Syria by Russia and Turkey was called off on Monday, the the TV channel NTV reported, without mentioning their sources.

    The patrolling was meant to be carried out in the vicinity of the city of Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) in northern Syria, on the border with Turkey. The reports did not state why the patrol had been canceled.

    The patrolling was canceled after Turkish soldiers were shelled in Idlib by Syrian forces. According to the Turkish Defense Ministry, six …

  • Four Russian FSB officers killed by pro-Turkish forces in Syria

    A large number of Russian media outlets have published reports that four officers of the Special Forces counter-terrorism directorate of Russia’s FSB have been killed in Syria. 

    The reports began to appear on Sunday, February 2. It was first reported by the Telegram channel “Special Forces Channel”, which specializes in covering the activity of Russia’s security forces. The special forces in question were reportedly two pairs of Russian snipers who were meant to cooperate with Syrian …

  • Turkey strikes back at Syrian army after Turkish forces attacked in Idlib

    Turkish troops killed about 30 Syrian government soldiers in response to the deaths of six of Turkish military, Turkish President Recep Erdogan said on February 3.

    "The operation is ongoing and ... according to preliminary results, 30 to 35 Syrians were killed," Erdogan told reporters at Istanbul airport before his flight to Ukraine.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that 13 Syrian soldiers have been killed.

    Erdogan also warned Russia, an ally of Syria, against intervening …

  • Four Russian special forces officers killed in Syria

    According to unconfirmed reports, four officers from the Russian FSB Special Forces counter-terrorism directorate were killed yesterday in the Aleppo province.

    The Telegram channel “Special Forces Channel” reported the news and published the name and the photo of one of the killed officers.

    According to the channel, Captain Dmitry Minov was killed on February 1.

    The officers were reportedly killed after coming under mortar fire in the Aleppo Province.

  • Turkish tanks enter Syrian Idlib province

    A Turkish military convoy has crossed the Syrian border, reported Al Arabiya TV channel on Sunday, February 2.

    It is noted that the convoy consists of several dozen armored vehicles, including tanks. In total, at least 40 armored vehicles and tanks of the Turkish army crossed the border through the Kafr Lusin border crossing in the north of the Syrian Idlib province. At the moment, the final destination of the convoy is unknown.

    The day before, the Turkish military began to build a new …