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  • Merkel and Putin discuss Syria and Nord Stream 2 pipeline

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin held telephone talks on Tuesday, April 16, during which they discussed the situation in Syria, Ukraine, and Nord Stream 2.

    The politicians agreed on the need to focus on the political process to resolve the "long-standing bloody conflict" in Syria, German official Steffen Seibert said.

    In the conversation, Putin "pointed out once again that the actions taken by a group of Western countries that committed an act of aggression …

  • Saudi Arabia ready to send troops to Syria

    Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said that Saudi Arabia is prepared to send its own soldiers to Syria as part of the US-led coalition, if the coalition is expanded, DW reports.

    “Since the start of the crisis we have been in discussion with the US about sending forces into Syria,” he said, adding that even during Obama’s administration, Riyadh had expressed its readiness to send troops into Syria. “There is discussion concerning which forces should remain in eastern Syria and where they …

  • Media: Israel alarmed by potential delivery of Russian S-300 missile systems to Syria

    Israel fears that the supply of Russian S-300 missile systems to Syria will jeopardize the "freedom of action" of the Israeli Air Force in its neighboring state, El País reports. In addition, Israel is concerned that the deployment of more modern systems in Syria could protect Damascus from "future retaliatory measures."

    According to El País, Israel’s apprehension was due to an announcement by the Russian Federation that, in connection with US-led missile strikes by the western Allies, Russia …

  • Lavrov reaffirms Russia's intention to supply Syria with S-300 missile systems

    In an interview with the BBC television channel, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia was ready to consider all necessary steps to strengthen the security of Syria after the Western coalition strike.  

    "President Putin addressed this issue [regarding the S-300 delivery]. And he clearly reminded [us] that few years ago, at the request of our partners, we decided not to supply the S-300 to Syria," Lavrov said. Russia now intends to reconsider the option of delivering the S-300 …

  • Assad said that his children were on vacation in the annexed Crimea

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad mentioned at a meeting with Russian parliament members that his children were at Artek children camp in the Crimea last year, RIA Novosti reports, citing the coordinator of the State Duma group on relations with the parliament of Syria, Dmitry Sablin.

    "First of all we would like to focus on [political] party related work with young people, organize two-week long camps. My children were in Artek last year," Sablin quoted Assad as saying. Bashar Assad has two …

  • Russia sends another batch of military equipment to Syria

    Russian large landing ship the Orsk was sighted in the Bosporus strait with military equipment on board, the Turkish Bosphorus observer Yörük Işık reported on Twitter. The ship appeared to be bound for the Syrian port city of Tartus.

    The Orsk is reportedly transporting BTR-80 armored vehicles, Iveco LMV armored cars, and Ural and KamAZ trucks to Syria.

    Russian BTR-80s are manufactured at the Arzamas Machinery Plant. They are equipped with a Pelena-6 jammer system, which protects the combat …

  • Macron: France convinced Trump to limit targets in Syria strike

    During an interview with BFM TV, French President Emmanuel Macron said that it was France that convinced US President Donald Trump to limit the strike it inflicted against facilities in Syria.

    "We convinced Trump to limit the targets of the strikes only to sites with chemical weapons capacity," he said.

    According to Macron, the US media and Trump’s Twitter initially used more aggressive rhetoric.  

    He also noted that Paris earlier persuaded Washington to stay in Syria.

    "Ten days ago, …

  • Macron congratulates French military for 'perfectly conducted' strike on Syria

    President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with the television channel BFMTV on April 15 that the French military "perfectly conducted" its recent operation in Syria.

    "Three chemical weapon production points were our [intended targets]; we successfully completed our objectives on the military side," said Macron.

    "First of all, I want to thank our soldiers and our army. The operation was conducted perfectly," the French president stressed.

    When asked whether he still plans to attend a …

  • First journalist to report on Wagner mercenary deaths in Syria dies in Russia

    In the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, New Day News journalist Maxim Borodin apparently fell out of the window of his fifth-floor apartment. He was found unconscious and taken to the local hospital, where he later passed away.

    Polina Rumyantseva, chief editor of New Day News, considers it possible that the journalist’s death was neither accidental nor suicide.

    “In order to understand what happened, we need to gain access to the apartment, and we are working on this. If there are any signs of …

  • Israel considers attack on Syria an 'important signal' to Iran and Hezbollah

    The Reuters news agency quotes the Israeli government as saying that missile strikes against targets in Syria have become an "important signal" to Iranian authorities and the Hezbollah movement.

    "The use of chemical weapons is the crossing of a red line that mankind can no longer tolerate," Yoav Galant, the country’s Minister of Construction and former Commander of the Southern Command of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), wrote on Twitter. "The American strike is an important signal to the …