Kyiv may impose sanctions against Swiss ‘delegation’ for visiting Crimea

The Ukrainian Embassy may initiate sanctions against the Swiss delegation headed by Edward Belzer, a former member of the Council of States of Switzerland, for visiting the annexed Crimea.

As the diplomatic mission reported on September 10, this visit was “a violation of the Ukrainian legislation and contradicts Switzerland's official position on the non-recognition of the attempt to annex the Crimea to Russia”.

“We are sorry, but despite the well-known observance of the supremacy of the Confederation law, there were people who used Russian propaganda, neglected the legislation of another state and enthusiastically speak about life in the Crimea, where human rights are violated and repressions against Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians continue,” the statement reads.

It is stated that the Ukrainian Embassy “appreciates the fact that Swiss authorities consistently support the territorial integrity of Ukraine” and hopes that “there will be a corresponding assessment of this visit”.

“Ukraine reserves the right to apply sanctions against foreign citizens who violate the rules of entrance into the occupied territories,” the diplomats said.

According to the Russian authorities of Sevastopol, a bilateral meeting took place in the city on September 10 between the representatives of the Russian government of Sevastopol and the “delegation of the Swiss Confederation”.

Earlier on Monday, the press service of Sevastopol authorities reported that the members of the Swiss “delegation” said during their visit to the Crimea that it is necessary to develop international tourism in the Crimea.

Edward Belzer, a former member of the Council of States of Switzerland, has not publicly commented on the statement of the Ukrainian Embassy.

As of June 2018, the Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has established personal data of more than 200 foreigners who visited the annexed Crimea violating the norms of Ukrainian legislation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine constantly calls on foreigners and stateless persons to visit the Crimea annexed by Russia solely in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and international law.

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