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  • Russia threatens to boycott Davos

    On Tuesday, during his visit to Italy, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that Russia would boycott the World Economic Forum in Davos, if the head of VTB, Andrey Kostin, co-owner of Rusal, Oleg Deripaska, and the main shareholder of the Renova group, Viktor Vekselberg, are not allowed to come to the conference.

    The Davos forum leadership’s decision, requesting Russians that are under the sanctions not to come to the conference is "very strange," said Medvedev.

    “If these …

  • Switzerland seizes Gazprom’s revenue from Nord Stream

    The gas dispute with Ukraine may cost Gazprom its profits from pumping gas through the Nord Stream pipeline, which has been operational since 2012, and through which 61 billion cubic meters of gas were pumped to Europe last year, a third of Russia’s entire gas export.

    A Swiss court has seized payments made by the pipeline operator, Swiss-registered Nord Stream AG, to Gazprom, the operator’s 51% shareholder.

    The seizure was imposed as part of the interim measures for the ruling by the …

  • Three Russian oligarchs asked to stay away from Davos

    VTB Bank CEO Andrey Kostin, Rusal co-owner Oleg Deripaska and Renova Group major shareholder Viktor Vekselberg will not be allowed to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos this year.

    All three of the Russian oligarchs, who are under personal US sanctions, were contacted by the forum’s management and asked not to come to the town in eastern Switzerland where officials and representatives of the largest companies in the world have been gathering since 1971.

    Last year, Vekselberg, Kostin and …

  • Swiss court allows disclosure of reasons for the refusal of Abramovich's residence permit

    The Swiss Supreme Court lifted restrictions on the disclosure of for the reasons why Russian businessman Roman Abramovich failed to obtain a residency permit in the country.

    The court rejected Abramovich's arguments that the disclosure of such information could damage his reputation.

    In September, the Swiss authorities refused to allow Abramovich to obtain a residence permit fearing that his stay in the country could pose a "threat to public safety" and cause "reputational damage". According …

  • Head of Swiss intelligence: Russia has increased spy activities in the country

    Head of the Swiss intelligence Jean-Philippe Gaudin stated that there a lot of Russian spies in the country who have recently become more active, Deutsche Welle reported.

    Gaudin did not mention the exact number of spies but he explained that Russian agents in Switzerland are now become more active than before.

    He said that the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office is investigating a criminal case against two Russians, allegedly employees of the GRU (Main Russian Intelligence Directorate), Yevgeny …

  • Kremlin: US denied entry to Russian appointee to UN post

    The United States denied entry to a Russian, who was appointed to the UN secretariat, stated the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova.

    "Earlier, the Americans refused entry to a Russian citizen for no reason, one who has been appointed to the UN Secretariat. The Americans have been delaying their response for the whole year" Zakharova complained, adding that the United States continue to create problems for Russians. She pointed out that the US has gone …

  • Switzerland denies residency to Russian tycoon Abramovich

    The Swiss authorities denied this country’s residence permit for Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. The Federal Office of the Criminal Police concluded that his presence in the country is undesirable, reported Swissinfo.

    According to law enforcement officers, Abramovich's presence is "a source of possible threats to the country’s public safety," as well as can cause a "reputational damage for Switzerland."

    Earlier, the businessman filed suits against the publishing holding Tamedia …

  • Crimean Deputy Minister of Education denied entry to Switzerland

    The press service of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Russia reported that the so-called Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Youth of annexed Crimea, Aider Abliatypov was unable to obtain a visa to Switzerland.

    He had planned to participate in the 39th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, where he would talk about “the real picture of what is happening on the peninsula.” However, the authorities decided not to give him the visa.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia …

  • Switzerland opens criminal case against Russian spies

    The Swiss Federal Attorney's Office is conducting an investigation into the criminal case of two Russian citizens suspected of involvement in the cyber attack at the European headquarters of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in Lausanne.

    On Monday, September 17, in Bern, the prosecutor's office representatives said that the case on espionage for political purposes was initiated as early as March 2017, reports Deutsche Welle.

    The office also accuses Russians of trying to obtain data from the …

  • Media: Every fourth Russian diplomat in Switzerland could be a spy

    More than a quarter of the Russian diplomatic staff in Switzerland works for the foreign intelligence services of the Russian Federation, writes the newspaper Tages-Anzeiger after analyzing the Swiss government's report.

    Back in March, the Bundesrat of Germany published a report on national security, which stated that "in relation to one country there is a suspicion that more than a quarter of the diplomatic personnel works for the special services."

    The Bundesrat report did not mention the …