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  • Dzhemilev: Crimean factory belonging to Ukrainian fugitive oligarch Firtash receives power and raw materials from mainland Ukraine

    The Crimean plant Titan belonging to Ukrainian businessman Dmytro Firtash receives a portion of the electricity it uses from the Kherson region, stated the representative of the President of Ukraine for Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev, Krym.Realii reports.

    "Why is this happening? There are several explanations. Some say that if we do not supply a certain amount of electricity there, then a technogenic disaster could occur," said Dzhemilev.

    He noted that a technogenic disaster is …

  • US Embassy in Russia: Crimeans should apply for an American visa in Kyiv

    Residents of the Crimea should apply for an American visa in Kyiv, as stated by the press service of the US Embassy in Russia, UNIAN reports.

    "The Crimea belongs to the consular district of the US Embassy in Kyiv. All applicants who permanently reside in the Crimea and are applying for immigrant visas and K (bride / groom) visas must apply for visas in Kyiv, regardless of their citizenship," the statement says.

    It is noted that consular fees paid in Ukraine can not be used for applying for a …

  • Russian strike forces carry out tactical exercises in annexed Crimea

    The Russian strike forces in annexed Crimea are carrying out tactical exercises, the Russian Defense Ministry press service announced. As reported, a test exercise is being done with a group of mixed strike forces in the Black Sea Fleet.

    “Today, according to the military training plan of the Black Sea Fleet ships, the armed forces have begun tactical exercises,” the report states. The report notes that during the exercises, there are plans to rehearse air bombardment and the launching of …

  • Putin in Crimea: the influence of the government on the media in Russia has to be minimized

    The creative community must itself filter TV and Internet content, and the state's influence should be minimized in this sphere, declared Russian President Vladimir Putin on August 20 at the Tavidra forum that took place in the annexed Crimea.

    "It would be right if the community itself developed a system of moral and ethical filters, to minimize if not to exclude, but it would be better, of course, to exclude the state’s influence on this process [the media]," Russian News Agency TASS quoted …

  • Russian court refuses to seize turbines at Siemens’ request

    The Moscow Arbitration Court refused to seize the Siemens-produced turbines which were shipped to annexed Crimea in circumvention of sanctions, the Dozhd TV channel reported with reference to a court file.

    Furthermore, the court refused to prohibit the mounting of these turbines. Their seizure was specified as a security measure in the lawsuit.

    The consideration of Siemens’ case against the corporate structures of Rostec, who relocated the turbines to the peninsula, has been scheduled for …

  • Candidate for German Chancellor: Crimea needs to be recognized as part of the Russian Federation

    Die Welt reports that Alexander Gauland, federal spokesman for the German ultra-right party Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany), has said that the Crimea will never return to Ukraine and therefore should be recognized as part of Russia.

    “The Crimea will never return to Ukraine. Sanctions do not do anything," said Gauland, who is a candidate for Chancellor of Germany from the Alternative für Deutschland party.

    In addition, he is confident that the European Union should …

  • Another blackout hits Crimea affecting 11,000 people

    In the Crimea, almost 11,000 people were left without electricity due to bad weather, the Russian Energy Ministry reported. It was noted since of 16.30 Kyiv time on August 18th, massive emergency outages have occurred in the Crimean energy networks due to the rain and thunderstorms. Households remain without electricity in 27 areas and impact about 10,700 people. Eight teams of 20 people are involved in emergency recovery work. Earlier it was reported that the Russian Ministry of Energy, due …

  • Ukraine protests Putin's visit to Crimea

    The visit of Russian leader Vladimir Putin to Sevastopol is a "cynical and demonstrative disregard" by Russia of the norms of international law. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted this in a statement.

    The Ministry said that the visit of the head of the Russian state, "like other so-called trips of Russian officials to the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea," is a "gross violation of the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine."

    "The Ministry of …

  • Ukrainian military command: Ukrainian military advised not to visit Crimea

    Work is being done among Ukrainian military personnel, including those who have been placed in reserve, to explain the undesirability of traveling to the occupied territories, including the Crimea. This was announced on August 17 by Vladislav Seleznev, spokesperson for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in a broadcast of the Ukrainian Radio Svoboda’s program “Your Freedom”, while commenting on the arrests of former Ukrainian soldiers whom the Russian law enforcement officials …

  • Massive blackouts continue in annexed Crimea

    Power supply problems persist in Russian-annexed Crimea, a report from the Russian Ministry of Energy states.

    “On August 15, from 12:47 to the present, due to unfavorable weather conditions (rain, thunderstorms) there have been massive emergency power outages of the 6-10 KW distribution grids in Crimean territory,” the Russian Energy Ministry announced.

    Due to the bad weather, 13 aerial 6-10 KW lines and 62 transformer substations were switched off. Yesterday, on August 15, 53 settlements had …