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  • Crimean authorities admit there is a shortage of construction materials on the peninsula

    The head of the Kremlin-controlled Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, admitted that there is a shortage of building materials on the peninsula, as well as difficulties with their delivery. As Konstantinov indicated to journalists on October 18th, the shortage of construction materials is creating high prices for them in the Crimea.

    At the same time, the head of the Russian parliament of the Crimea reminded that part of the construction materials prior to the peninsula’s annexation came …

  • Czech MEPs call on President Zeman to apologize to Ukraine

    A group of members of the European Parliament (EP) from the Czech Republic have sent a letter to the President of the country, Milos Zeman, with an appeal "to apologize to Ukraine for [his] statements, thus at least partially correcting the harm," reported Radio Liberty.

    The deputies’ letter, which the editorial staff of Radio Liberty has obtained, also notes that Zeman undermined the authority of international law during his performance in Strasbourg, when Ukraine became a victim of Russian …

  • Expert: Siemens will boycott maintenance of its turbines in the Crimea

    The Siemens company will boycott maintenance of the turbines that have been delivered to the Crimea; it is currently unclear how these turbines will operate without professional service. Russian economic analyst and oil and gas market expert Mikhail Krutikhin, who is a partner in the information and consulting agency RusEnergy, voiced this view on the radio show “Day Show” on Radio Krym.Realii.

    He added that Russia is unlikely to submit to Siemens' demand for the return of the turbines from …

  • Ukrainian official: Crimea will be returned to Ukraine only after the fall of Putin’s regime

    The annexed Crimea can only be returned to Ukraine after the fall of the current political regime in Russia, as expressed by Heorhiy Tuka, the Deputy Minister for the Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine, during an interview with UNN (Ukrainian National News).

    According to him, the annexed peninsula can’t be returned through the adoption of laws or other documents.

    "I believe that if I see and understand the options to regain control over the Donbas, I …

  • Crimean authorities claim that 50 foreigners that are taking part in Youth Festival in Sochi will visit Crimea

    It was reported in Sevastopol that 50 foreigners who are participating in the festival of youth and students, which is held in Sochi, will be visiting Sevastopol.

    As reported by TASS on October 15th, a city tour, followed by an excursion through the bays of Sevastopol on the ship Dobrokhod, is planned for the participants of the festival.

    "As for the festival of youth and students, this has been planned for two years and today we are happy to see young people from different countries in …

  • 50 people detained in Crimea during protest actions in support of Crimean Tatars

    49 people were detained for holding unauthorized solitary pickets in the Crimea, as reported by Interfax, citing the press service of the Crimean Ministry of Internal Affairs. Those participating in the pickets were released from police stations after “preventive talks.”

    As previously reported, the pickets were organized to oppose the local authorities’ actions directed against the Crimean Tatars. Specifically, participants in the rally protested against the arrests of Crimean Tatars who were …

  • Crimean authorities admit that the ferry service with Turkey cannot be resumed

    Sevastopol has recognized that the issue of resuming ferry service with Turkey cannot be resolved, as stated by Director of the Crimean Sea Agency LLC (ferry operator) Stanislav Gvozdilov, Crimea News reports.

    According to Gvozdilov, such questions will have to be discussed by Moscow and Ankara.

    "The ferry service, which was interrupted in March, has not been resumed. For now, there is no opportunity to do so. The issue here must be resolved at the governmental level," he said.

    The …

  • Russia calls Turkey's decision to not allow ships from the Crimea an 'unfriendly step'

    Turkey has confirmed that it will not permit entry for ships arriving from ports in the Russian-annexed Crimea, stated a member of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping in response to Russian news agency TASS.

    In response, the Russian Federation Council called the decision an “unfriendly” step.

    “By its ban, Turkey may be pushing Russia to correct relations between the two countries, which could affect joint actions in Syria,” stated the Russia's First Deputy of the Federation Council on Defense and …

  • The National Bank of Ukraine banned new Russian banknotes with images of Crimea

    The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has forbidden banks, their branches, and offices to conduct operations with banknotes and coins issued by the Russian Central Bank, which depict objects located on the annexed territory, as reported on the NBU website.

    The ban applies to the monetary units of the Russian Federation with maps, symbols, buildings, monuments, archeological monuments, architecture, history, landscapes and any other objects located on the territory of Ukraine occupied by Russia; …

  • Russia says North Korea recognized annexation of Crimea

    North Korea considers the Crimea’s accession to Russia legitimate, as stated by the Russian embassy in Pyongyang.

    According to Russian diplomats, a new political atlas of the world has been published in the DPRK, in which the Crimea is painted in the same colors as Russia. The Embassy published photos to confirm it.

    Employees of the Russian embassy stated that they asked the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs to comment on the map. The response they received was that "the Republic respects the …