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  • Ukrainian President accuses Russia of planning to occupy the Azov Sea

    During his speech at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, September 26 in New York ,President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko accused Russia of trying to occupy the Azov Sea.

     “After the occupation of the Crimea, [Russia wants] to occupy the Azov Sea. They illegally built a bridge across the Kerch Strait,” stated the President of Ukraine.

    Poroshenko said that Russia hinders the navigation of Ukrainian and international vessels in the region. “Such illegal and serious …

  • Russia holds military exercises in Crimea

    The Russian military has held yet another round of military exercises in Crimea. Mi-8MPTR radio reconnaissance helicopters provided cover for S-400 Triumph anti-air missile systems and Pantsir-S missile launch systems during joint military exercises in Crimea, reported Vadim Astafyev, spokesman for Russia’s Southern Military District.

    “As part of joint tactical flight training of the aviation units and the anti-air defense divisions, pairs of Mi-8MPTR radio reconnaissance helicopters …

  • Ukraine to use trade port infrastructure for its naval base in the Azov Sea

    The new Ukrainian naval base that will be created in Berdyansk on the Azov Sea coast will initially use a trade port infrastructure instead of a strictly military one, stated People’s Deputy Ivan Vinnik, 112 Ukraine reports. He noted that the General Staff has already approved the deployment of the new base.

    “For now, a trade port infrastructure will be used but, in the future, it will develop for military use. Possibly, additional quays will also be constructed, etc.,” he said.

    Ukraine has …

  • Crimean Deputy Minister of Education denied entry to Switzerland

    The press service of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Russia reported that the so-called Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Youth of annexed Crimea, Aider Abliatypov was unable to obtain a visa to Switzerland.

    He had planned to participate in the 39th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, where he would talk about “the real picture of what is happening on the peninsula.” However, the authorities decided not to give him the visa.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia …

  • Russia to conduct large-scale military exercises in Crimea

    Russia plans to perform large military exercises in the annezed Crimea, stated the head of the Southern Military District’s press service of the Russian Federation, Vadim Astafyev.

    "More than 1,000 servicemen (4th Air Force and Air Defense Forces Army) will take part in the joint exercises. It will involve more than 50 long-range, operational-tactical, attack aircraft, including the A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft, supersonic the Tu-22M3 bomber, as well as about 10 Black …

  • Ukrainian Navy ships arrive in Berdyansk

    The search and rescue ship A500 Donbas and the tugboat A830 Korets recently arrived in the city of Berdyansk, Ukrainian Navy Representative Taras Chmut reported on social media. "Arrived! Congratulations to the fleet on an important event!" - wrote Chmut.

    Earlier, Ukraine’s online military news outlet reported that the boats arrived in Mariupol on the evening of September 24. Two small armored artillery boats, P177 Kremenchuk and P178 Lubny accompanied them.

    The Donbas and the Korets departed …

  • Poroshenko: Ukraine creates a naval base on the Sea of Azov

    In a post on his Facebook page, President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko welcomed the deployment of Ukrainian military vessels into the Sea of Azov and noted that these ships “will become part of the newly created Ukrainian naval base in the Azov."

     “Congratulations to our warships, the search, and rescue ship A500 Donbas and the tugboat A830 Korets, on the deployment to the Sea of Azov. These ships will be part of the newly created Ukrainian naval base fleet in Azov. Thanks to the crews of the …

  • Ukrainian naval vessels pass through Kerch Strait

    Two Ukrainian military ships, the A500 Donbas search-and-rescue vessel and the A830 Korets tugboat passed under the Crimean Bridge, which connects the Taman Peninsula to Crimea, the Ukrainian Military Portal reported on Sunday.

    “Earlier, the small armored artillery boats R177 Kremenchuh and R178 Lubny left from the Berdyansk port to meet the search-and-rescue vessel A500 Donbas and sea tugboat A830 Korets in the direction of the Kerch crossing. They were delivered to Berdyansk at the start of …

  • British aircraft conducts reconnaissance flight near the Crimea

    On Sunday, September 22, a British Royal Air Force RC-135W aircraft conducted a reconnaissance flight over the Black Sea near the coast of the Crimea, according to the sources monitoring aviation traffic.

    According to their data, the flight lasted several hours. The reconnaissance aircraft with tail number ZZZ666 took off from Souda Bay air force base on Crete. It flew along the coast of Crimea and Krasnodar region in Russia for several hours.

    American drones have recently also conducted …

  • Crimea complains of insufficient drinking water supply

    The Crimean population needs the required amount of quality drinking water, said Crimean “Deputy Prime Minister” Yuriy Gotsanyuk at a work group session devoted to planning the installation of water purification plants in Crimea, Krym.Realii reports.

    “At present, under conditions where the supply of Dnieper water through the North Crimean Canal has been stopped, Crimean cities and agricultural settlements are being supplied from local sources. All of Crimea’s underground water is being used in …